Meet Meepo, the crazy cat who loves taking showers!

We adopted Meepo when he was two months old. The boy is a British Longhair cat with a typical long coat of fur, so it’s a real mission for us to keep this fluff cotton ball clean, especially when we are living in a place with a hot and humid climate.

At first, we were worried that Meepo would not like water like most other cats and it would be difficult to bathe him without having some scratches on our arms. But Meepo surprised us by being so calm and relaxed during the process and enjoyed letting the water run through his fur and wash away the dirt. He also loves playing around with stuff in the bathroom and is very happy there.

Now, we give him a pamper session in the shower every Saturday to retain his fabulous and adorable look.

(Story source: Bored Panda)


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