Pawpurrs Halfway House

Pawpurrs Halfway House

Pawpurrs Halfway House

“I have SO MUCH love and empathy for these fur-babies. It is heart-breaking, in some cases, when they arrive to me, either injured or needing serious veterinary attention.

All my rescue cats have needed to be; spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-flea’d and wormed, at the very least.”

Katie, whose rescue is based in Chorlton, Manchester, says that she cannot even begin to explain how much of a problem there is with cats ending up on the streets.

This may be due to owners moving home, and deciding, for whatever reason, that they don’t want to take their cat with them, or being no longer able to look after their cats due to changes in financial circumstances, cats that have just lost their way with no collar or microchip to identify where they’re from and the feral colonies that are left to breed uncontrollably with the females having litter after litter of kittens.

It’s all a never ending cycle she would do anything to break.

It is always rewarding for Katie to know that any rescued cat is taken off the streets and ultimately re homed once they are well enough, going to people that will love them.

All treatments are paid for through kind donations of the public which without she would not be able to continue. She used to hold regular flea markets with all funds going towards the rescue, but this all had to stop during the pandemic.

Please consider helping Katie, who is dedicated to turning unwanted cats into happy, healthy and wanted cats. It takes a huge amount of money, but every penny translates to cats getting the care they need for their, hopefully brief, stay.

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