Rottie Friends Rescue

Rottie Friends Rescue
Margaret Davies

Rottie Friends is a small not for profit, self-funding Rottweiler rescue, Rottweiler rehabilitation, Rottweiler rescue centre, and Rottweiler adoption service, based in Somerset, UK. It was set up 15 years ago as the legacy of a special lady who believed that all animals and dog breeds should be treated with care and respect.

Our Rottweiler dog rescue centre is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who have many years of breed experience and varying qualifications in force free training, behaviour and canine therapies.

We rehabilitate and rehome Rottweilers, Rottweiler crosses and other specialist breeds here in Somerset. The dogs that come to us are either from homes that can no longer keep them, stray kennels where they have been unclaimed and we also work with other rescues and take in dogs struggling in larger kennels.

It is costly to rescue a Rottweiler, and we accept any donations you can give for Rottweiler rescue here in Somerset in the UK.

We have several sanctuary dogs who will either remain with us for their life or until they find the very specific homes they need. These dogs have usually experienced abuse, neglect or have health issues.

If you are interested in Rottweiler adoption, please read our rehoming procedures and complete our online application form. Or if you would like to sponsor one of the dogs in our care to contribute to upkeep, please complete our enquiry form and we will send you details.


Tel: 07817809727

Facebook: Rottweiler Friends Rescue & Soul Man Sanctuary

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