All Dogs Rescue

All Dogs Rescue

In the beginning…

After spending many years working for other animal rescue charities, we noticed the lack of facilities for older dogs, dogs that were ill with long term heath issues and behavioural problems.

It became our mission to start a sanctuary for these dogs where they could be offered lifelong care. All Dogs Rescue was founded in 2006 by a team of dedicated volunteers who had the same vision & compassion for dogs with special needs.

Our Mission…

To offer long term care, shelter and support to elderly, frail and special needs dogs in a home environment.

The dogs have foster parents on hand to support them around the clock. We have a number of dogs in foster with long term health issues who we are able to provide specialist and palliative care for.


Our volunteers work tirelessly at raising funds to support the dogs. The dogs in our care can be sponsored. Sponsorship is a vital part of our fundraising.

Please consider supporting this wonderful sanctuary, you can follow them here:

My Pet Matters would like to thank All Dogs Rescue for the wonderful work they do and also Ann who has been so generous.

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