Smart dog fetches owner a tinny when she says it’s ‘gin o’ clock’

Dogs truly are the best of friends.

dog fetches tinny

Well, this one is, anyway, as he’s always ready to be by his owner’s side when she cracks open a cold one.

And isn’t that the true marker of friendship? Even better, Bear the Labrador will bring his owner, Janice, a tinny whenever she says it’s ‘gin o’ clock’.

Janice Cousins, 64, discovered the handy trick when she was taking a quick refreshment break after painting her garden in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.

She turned to Bear, said ‘it’s now gin o’clock’, and off he trotted, heading off to the kitchen to bring back a can of Tanqueray gin and tonic. Retired post-lady Janice said: ‘The command for Bear to pick anything up is his name.

‘He won’t normally go and collect anything until he hears that. ‘On this occasion though he trotted off on “gin o’clock” and grabbed me a can. It was amazing and very useful. ‘He’s done it before with beer, cider and even bottles of wine. He’s a good lad. He works for biscuits so he’s always willing to help out. ‘I’ve trained Bear with gun dog training methods and once I’ve shown him something – whether it be a log, his toy or even a bottle of wine – I can release him and command him to get that object.’ ‘I was away from the house and wanted to test Bear’s skills and he delivered. I really did enjoy that gin, especially as I didn’t have to collect it myself.’

Janice has been training Bear since he was an adolescent, and finds his skills super after her double hip replacement.
‘I couldn’t bend before the operation so I taught him to fetch his own bowl and hand it up to me so I could feed him,’ she said. ‘It was hugely helpful at the time and I’ve just continued his training. ‘We’ve got our own log burner and he will help fetch the logs for me. ‘He was a very naughty adolescent dog when he was younger which is why I decided to go for gundog training. It turned his attitude right around.’

(Story source: Metro)

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