PIGASSO! Meet the pig who is conquering the art world with her abstract paintings after her rescue from the chop

Seven-month-old Pigasso spends hours in front of her easel creating masterpieces.

PigassoA PIG called Pigasso rescued from a slaughter house is taking the art world by storm with her abstract paintings. The seven-month-old porker spends hours in front of her easel creating masterpieces – signing them with her snout. And top international art critic Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton said Pigasso “has definitely got talent”. The piglet was rescued from a farm in May and taken to a sanctuary run by Joanne Lefson in Cape Town, South Africa.

She said the 450lb grunter used to love playing football, but has hardly given the sport a look-in since picking up the paint brush. Joanne added: “Her artistic style is probably what you’d call expressionist and she takes her inspiration from the Cape Town landscape. “Her favourite subject is Table Mountain and she loves to be by the beach.

“She even authenticates each of her artworks with her ‘autograph’ by dipping her nose in the paint and marking each one with the tip of her nose.” Joanne took Pigasso back to her base after witnessing the squalid farm conditions she was living in.

She said: “Pigs on today’s industrialised factory farms are kept in merciless conditions. I wanted to help, so I asked to buy one of their piglets. I’d have brought them all home if I could.” Joanne now plans to sell Pigasso’s paintings to raise money for her charity. And Ms Allthorpe-Guyton could be one of her first customers.

The president of the International Association of Art Critics said: “The pictures are bright and breezy, she’s definitely got talent. Pigs, chimps and elephants have been known to do some really good splodgy abstract paintings and these are no exception.”

Toulouse Le Plot, Sun Art Critic: Where next for Pigasso?

They might look like a load of Jackson Pollocks, but these paintings could soon be hanging in the Trot Modern. Pigasso’s bold and bright strokes certainly would not look out of place alongside famous abstract works in the world’s best galleries.

You can see that she’s expressing her innermost feelings in her work and hasn’t just got her snout in the trough of the modern art world. Pigasso’s stunning paintings could one day see her as revered as artists like Francis Bacon.

(Article source: The Sun)


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