The Cat's Whiskers Rescue

The Cat's Whiskers Rescue

The Cat's Whiskers Rescue

The Cat’s Whiskers was founded and is run by Sarah, who told us about the challenges they have been facing:

“Run by a small but dedicated team we rescue and rehabilitate over a hundred cats each year, caring for them in our own homes until they are well enough to re-home. Funds are always tight, but we never turn a cat away if we can help and never put a cat to sleep unless absolutely medically necessary.

2020 and 2021 have been the most challenging years to date. The sheer volume of sick, abandoned and unwanted cats has been unprecedented. Our fundraising avenues dried up as lockdowns were enforced and restrictions made rescuing and rehoming even more difficult.

The support and love received from members of the public has seen us through and helped us survive, and this amazing prize from My Pet Matters is a wonderful way to finish the year. Thank you from all the team and the cats.”

Samantha told us:

“I’ve only been fostering for just under a year but all my poor cats have had medical issues that the rescue have taken care of. This includes my poor mum who went in for routine spay after her kittens and was found to have a reaction to her stitches and required further surgery.

Somehow Sarah manages every time to get the cats what they need.

Thank you again for the prize, it truly is so desperately needed.”

My Pet Matters would like to thank Samantha for nominating such a worthy cause and wish The Cat’s Whiskers all the very best in the future.

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