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  • dog play park

    Public play parks for dogs trialled in England to fight rise in unruly pets

  • dog with the longest tong

    Lab-shepherd mix Zoey recognized for world's longest dog tongue by Guinness.

  • Vizsla on bamboo chair

    Design goes to the dogs: from dog showers to cat climbing frames – pets are taking over London home interiors.

  • kid and pet looking out the window

    No pets allowed: NSW pushed to act on ‘urgent’ need to make rentals more animal-friendly

  • dog sleeping position

    Dozy dogs: 10 canine sleeping positions and the adorable meanings behind them

  • barkitecture

    Design goes to the dogs: From dog showers to cat climbing frames - pets are taking over London home interiors

  • worlds longest dog tongue

    Lab-shepherd mix Zoey recognised for world’s longest dog tongue by Guinness

  • Snakes escape

    Snake warning as hot weather sees pets escaping at record levels

  • wellbeing dog

    Wellbeing and trauma therapy dog joins Welsh Ambulance Service in UK first

  • pets in the cabin

    Pet jet-setters: Owners pay to have their pets in the cabin with them rather than in cargo with luggage

  • Dog Park

    Forget Twitter, my local dog park is the real town square

  • Heatstroke

    Expert warns pet owners to check their dog's ears for signs of heatstroke

  • Red cat

    The Ultimate Guide to Pet Grooming: Keeping Your Furry Friend Clean and Healthy

  • lost dog returned

    Rough life: Lost dog returned home after epic 150-mile Alaskan sea-ice journey

  • Green Parrots on branch

    Parrots taught to video call each other become less lonely, finds research

  • Black cat white nose blue carpet

    The pet I’ll never forget: Humphrey the cat pooed in our slippers - and taught me about love

  • support cat

    Support cat Zebby alerts deaf owner to phone calls

  • pet parrot

    Squawkies! We take our pet parrot for walks on the beach every day - people think we’re bananas