Woman says her dog is like a ‘daughter’ and flies her business class

Maggie Davies

A pet owner has treated her dog to a business class plane ticket – and has a message for all the haters.

Metro reports that Fifi the miniature dachshund rode in style and comfort on board a recent 11-hour flight from Hong Kong to Istanbul.

While humans in economy stretched and ached after the long journey, Fifi was pampered, fed and given her own bed to stretch her little paws out on.

After all the relaxing, she was able to fall fast asleep as the plane made its descent into Turkey. The sweet video led some social media users to question whether pets should be allowed to fly in business class.

Fifi’s owner Helen thinks they should have the chance, and compared the pup to being like her ‘daughter’.

She decided to post a video to her Instagram after she faced backlash over the cost of the trip for Fifi. Her post read: ‘This is for all the haters out there’, which shows Fifi reclining in business class. Helen hit out at the people who she described as ‘non-pet owners’ and said ‘I don’t think non-pet owners really get it. ‘Like, this is not just a dog… this is my daughter.’

While many commented how well behaved Fifi was during the flight, others raised concerns. One user who wrote: ‘I’m not a hater- I just grew up where the cost of a dog in first class could feed a couple hundred starving kids, get them some clean clothes and maybe save literal lives so this is hard for me to see.’

Looking past the pet’s seemingly privileged lifestyle, Helen is quick to point out Fifi does in fact have a job and is a certified therapy dog.

But with this certification comes great travel freedoms, so she has certain privileges in comparison to other dogs.

For example, Fifi does not need a passport to travel. But she does have to abide by other strict legislation before she leaves a country.

Helen wrote on Instagram: ‘Documents required to fly with a dog in cabin will vary depending on which airline you are flying with, and where you are flying from and to.’

In general pet owners must provide a rabies vaccination certificate, microchip certificate, parasite treatment, rabies titre test results, and an animal health certificate.

Upon arrival at Istanbul, Fife was greeted like a celebrity A-lister, as the dog was wheeled out through the airport to her final destination.

As a dogs life goes, the pet leads a privileged and rich lifestyle, with other posts featuring her clad in designer accessories and posing at some of the world’s best beaches.

(Story source: Metro)

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