Crazy cats! My cat has “Spring fever”: What can I do?

Crazy cats! My cat has “Spring fever”: What can I do?
Maggie Davies

Is your cat acting crazy all of a sudden? Not sure what the heck is going on? Don’t worry, it’s just spring fever.

Pets 4 Homes reports that Spring fever is a term used to describe a variety of symptoms and behaviour changes associated with the change in season, from winter to spring.

For us humans it can be hard to adjust to the changing balance of light and the warmer weather, and for cats it’s so much more extreme. Because they have a stronger sense of smell and are more in tune with the natural world, it can be a sensory overload for them at this time of year. Here’s what to look out for and what you can do to make this season safer and more comfortable for your feline.

Signs of spring fever

Early rising

Yup, unfortunately with the lighter mornings come meows at the door. Your friendly feline who spent the winter curled up on your lap is now wide awake at dawn! Us humans can more easily roll over and snooze for a few more hours but cats can’t ignore that early morning light.

What can I do about it?

Sadly for you, there isn’t so much that can be done about this one. As a pet owner, you have to expect early morning wake up calls. But, if it’s affecting your own health, it might be worth investing in some blackout blinds for the spring/summer months.

Mating season

The spring is the season when mating becomes the most important thing to cats. You might begin to notice mating calls in the form of very trill meows or male cats stalking looking for a female in heat.

What can I do about it?

If you haven’t already had your cat neutered, it’s time to get your vet’s advice and fix a time to have it done. There are several benefits to having your cats neutered, and your vet will have all the information you need.

Energy bursts

Zoomies and other bursts of energy will start to become common for your furry friend. Cats will be feeling far more alive in the lighter months and they’ll want to burn off that energy in some way, shape or form.

What can I do about it?

Interact more with them – think of fun new games to play and interactive toys can be extremely useful at this time. Because they’re burning off more energy, their metabolism is also going to increase so unless your cat has strict dietary requirements, it can be helpful to increase their portion size a little.

Yearning for outdoor time

Your feline will be obsessed with getting outdoors at this time of the year. There’ll be more intriguing smells and creatures around to hunt.

What can I do about it?

If your cat is a house cat, try to give them more of a taste of the outdoors by fixing some screens to the windows where they can soak in the sights and smells but can’t readily escape or fall. If your cat is an outdoor one, make sure all the plants around the garden are safe, and do vet check ups if your cat would pick something up from being out for longer periods.


Did someone say cat fight? In spring, with them spending more time outdoors, cats can get territorial and run into scraps with other felines more often.

What can I do about it?

There’s loads of good advice for getting your cats to stop fighting both outside and inside the house. Neutering is a good place to start, as well as making sure your cat has a safe place to run to or a microchipped cat flap. Solid routines and making sure your garden is secure are two other great methods of stopping the unruly wrestling.

It’s perfectly normal for seasonal changes to affect our feline friends. After all, we don’t go unaffected by these factors, do we? If you have tried all the helpful advice, but are still struggling with a seasonal aspect of your kitty’s behaviour, talk to your vet or a behaviourist for tailored advice.

(Story source: Pets 4 Homes)

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