'I sleep in the spare room every night so my husband can share the bed with our dog'

pampered pooch
Maggie Davies

Mum-of-two Sam Grant, 52, chooses to sleep in the spare room every night so her pampered pooch Dennis can curl up next to her husband in bed – she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Mirror reports that a dedicated dog owner has shared how she chooses to sleep in the spare room so her pampered pooch can cuddle up with her husband.

Dennis the four-year-old bulldog lives a life of luxury at home and even gets fed his breakfast and dinner on a fork. As well as having his slobber wiped up between bites, Dennis has his own seat and silverware.

Owners Sam Grant, 52, and Craig Grant, 54, have gone as far as sleeping separately so the lovable dog can kip with his best pal. Sam said: “Craig loves him, he’s definitely my husband’s dog. He’s always slept with Craig every night. We sleep separately so the dog can sleep with him. It’s lovely.”

The couple from Bowerhill, Wiltshire, treat Dennis like a baby and say he’s become a “son” since their children, Leah, 30, and Jordan, 28, moved out.

“All the kids have gone so he’s our son now, my replacement,” Sam explained. The mum-of-two dotes on her furry child and serves him up Sunday roasts and fry-ups at the dinner table “like a human”.

Dennis is so well-behaved that he patiently waits for his owners to finish their meal before tucking into his own tea.

“He’s always sat at the table, he just started when he was a puppy and we didn’t mind. He’s got his own seat which he pulls out before he sits down,” Sam said.

“He eats with us if we’re all sat together so once or twice a day. He doesn’t get fed until we’ve finished. “He sits down and waits and look at the food but he wouldn’t ever take it. “We finish our meal and we feed him with a fork at the end. It’s like having a baby.”

Every single morning, Dennis has toast and butter. He loves fish, salmon, scrambled egg and sausages – always eating whatever Sam and Craig have.

“He’s like a human. I love it, it’s bonding and I like wiping his chops,” Sam said. “He takes the food really well and really gently off of the fork.

I wouldn’t take him to the Ritz obviously. “He doesn’t have his own cutlery and plate but I have slightly older forks I use for Dennis. We just put them in the dishwasher on a very hot wash.

“He’s quite pampered but he’s well behaved. If he snatched food we wouldn’t let him do it.” Sam admits some people are “grossed out by it”, but now their guests just expect Dennis to join them.

The spoilt pup is also taken to doggy day care once a week so he can spend time with his furry friends. “They’ve got a garden with a playground, an area with sofas set up like a living room,” Sam said.

“They have parties, he’s been to a Jubilee and Halloween party. He loves it. “He doesn’t need to go because he goes out every day but because he’s on his own, we want him to get on with other dogs. He can’t wait to go.”

(Story source: The Mirror)

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