Magic, Pedro And Fudge. December 2022

Magic, Pedro And Fudge. December 2022
Margaret Davies

Here we have three delighted winners who were all rescued and adopted from The Sheffield Cats Shelter.

The Sheffield Cats Shelter has been caring for stray and unwanted cats and kittens for over 120 years. Rehoming around 400 cats per year they provide a safe refuge, medical treatment, whatever the cost, and, above all, the love and care they deserve until they can be placed in a home. See the wonderful work they do HERE.


“Magic, our black and white boy, was found alone on a busy road, aged about 4 weeks. His foster Mum, Donna, gave him a Ted for comfort. He slept with Ted and suckled on him.  He will be 5 years old this spring. He still has Ted. He insists on ‘Ted Time’ every day – one of us has to sit on the sofa and stroke his head as he suckles on Ted and purrs away.  If we stop stroking him he looks up and squeaks!”


I Am Pedro“Pedro, our little black cat, had been straying for at least 3 months when he was rescued. Thought to be a year old then, he is now nearly 8.  He likes to make sure that he will never be homeless again by charming all of the humans he meets and visits our neighbours for chin tickles. Neighbours 2 doors away say he is ‘partial to a bit of chicken’!  Might explain why we sometimes call him ‘podgy Pedro’…  He loves a cardboard box, especially one with a hole he can stick his paw through and grab passers-by.  Bad boy though – in the winter, in the night, he is a hot water bottle thief!”


“Fudge is our princess. She is a long-haired tortoiseshell, 12 years of age.  She was one of a large litter all suffering with cat ‘flu. They were abandoned in a garden by their Mum, as she was too ill to care for them.  They were rescued, treated, and all survived – against the odds. I went to the cat shelter looking for a boy cat, as I had my 18-year-old lad had passed over the bridge.  But little kitten Fudge sneaked up behind me and grabbed my handbag. I fell in love.  Her nickname is ‘owl face’; she has a distinctive look.  Last year, Fudge had a back leg amputated. We were so worried for her, but our wonderful vets caught it in time.  Against the odds, again, she has recovered and seems more content than ever. Her favourite toy is still her catnip kicker!”

Our generous winner Paula also donated some of her food to a to a local charity set up by a friend of hers – Your Pet Food Bank. She aims to support loved pets and their humans to stay together, to keep pets in loving homes and not given up because they can’t afford pet food. See her amazing work HERE.

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