Whitby named as one of the UK’s top 10 most pet-friendly destinations

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Whitby has been named one of the top 10 pet-friendliest destinations in the UK, according to a new survey among British pet owners conducted by price comparison website, Money Pug.

Scarborough News reports that of the 1,000 people who voted for Whitby, over 50 per cent of pet owners said they would be prepared to spend £500 or more on their pet’s holiday, while 25 per cent said they would pay between £51-£100. 16 per cent said they wouldn’t like to be out of pocket by more than £50.

Nine out of 10 dog owners said they won’t travel without their furry friends. While 10 per cent admit to taking other pets, including cats, hamsters, rabbits, reptiles, birds and guinea pigs, for a day out. The strangest travel companions include a hedgehog, a pony, a horse and a rat.

The survey also reveals that 80 per cent of pet owners have travelled with their pets between two and four times in the past year.

The results indicate that British pets are also living the good life when they are not travelling. Aside from taking trips abroad, the majority of pet owners (69 per cent) take their animals with them to pubs and restaurants, 52 per cent take pets out shopping, 17 per cent take them to work , and three per cent even admitted to attending university or college with them.

In addition, the most unusual places where pets have been taken to are sailing, to bike meet-ups and art classes.

When it comes to travel, 89 per cent of pets travel by car. Less utilised options include caravan (19 per cent), train (18 per cent), boat (9 per cent) and plane or bus (both 2 per cent).

Lee Whitbread, CEO of Money Pug and dog owner himself, said: “It’s no surprise that pets are part of Brits’ families and are treated as such. People tend to form deep connections with their animals and don’t want to leave them behind, even when travelling the country.

“Because of this, they evaluate carefully which locations are best suited for their experience together and are not frugal when it comes to paying for this luxury.

“The travel industry is having to adapt to accommodate pet owners’ growing desires to travel with their pets.

“To keep their minds at ease and prepare for unpredictable situations, such as accidents, injuries or theft, we recommend finding the best pet insurance deals to ensure assistance when required.”

The other pet friendly UK destinations have been voted as Cornwall, Keswick, London, Glasgow, Norfolk, Scarborough, York, Devon and Weymouth. Foreign cities such as Paris and Alicante are the most popular international destinations.


(Story source: Scarborough News) 


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