The UK's smallest comedy pony is at the Family Pet Show in Manchester

Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

Oli, the nine year-old Shetland pony, is just 25 inches tall - and as small as the average dog.

Meet Oli, the tiny Shetland pony with a big attitude. At just 25 inches tall he's the UK's smallest comedy pony, and is no stranger to causing chaos on the stage.

Heading to Manchester for the Family Pet Show, held at EventCity from September 30 - October 1, the miniature Shetland stallion will perform some very unusual tricks.

Part of Leopold Equestrian Productions, a school for domesticated performing animals in Cheshire, the nine year old pony is known for wreaking havoc on stage and getting his owner and trainer, Jenna Leopold, 30, into trouble.

She said: "I've had Oli since he was 8 months old, and straight away I knew he was going to be trouble. We do structured routines and displays with all the other horses, from long reining to dressage, but Oli just never did what he was told - he was too rebellious."

After trying to train the miniature Shetland in his early years, Leopold decided to embrace his naughty nature - and make him a star in his own rights.

"He is an escape artist" Jenna joked. "When we stay overnight at shows he normally ends up going for a night time stroll and we find him with the security guards. "Also, when we work in our display ring, he will literally go out of his way to knock it down - he's like a naughty child."

Oli now has his very own 'comedy' routine, where Jenna shows the audience how naughty he really is. He even shakes his head to say no when she gives him commands. "He only has to look at me with his innocent, little face and he can get away with anything" Jenna added. There will also be the chance for kids to pet him and the other miniature Shetlands visiting the show in the 'Watch' arena.

Alongside the Leopold Equestrian show, there'll be 30 stone tortoises, the annual 'Scruffts' dog show and performances from Britain's Got Talent stars Trip Hazard and Lucy Heath.

(Story source: Manchester News)

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