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Uks Favourite Cat Breed
Maggie Davies

Feline experts, Catit have researched which cat breeds are the most popular in the UK by city and country to find the nation’s favourite:

It’s clear that we’re a nation of cat lovers, with a quarter of households owning a cat here in the UK!

There are so many breeds of cat out there, each with their own unique features and personalities. In fact, The International Cat Association recognises 71 breeds in total. But, which of the 71 breeds is our favourite?

Catit data revealed that the Ragdoll is the most popular breed across the whole of the UK, and we’re certainly not surprised. A favourite in 60 cities, these cats are characterised by their soft, fluffy coats and bright blue eyes. But they’re not just beautiful, they’re also incredibly gentle, quiet, and often playful. Their mild manners make them perfect family cats and apartment cats, which is possibly why Ragdolls are the most searched-for breed in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Coming in second was the Maine Coon, the largest domesticated cat breed around. Despite their size, Maine Coon cats are gentle giants and are favoured for their affectionate and playful nature. It’s no surprise that this large breed was one of the top three most searched-for breeds in 49 cities.

In third place is the Bengal. With its striking markings, this breed almost looks like a miniature leopard. They’re very lively and curious but can be incredibly affectionate too, which makes them good family cats. One particular thing to note about this breed is their unusual love for the water, and they’ll often enjoy playing in water fountains, under taps, and may even join you in the bath!

Favourite breed by UK country

Ragdolls and Maine Coons are a firm favourite across the UK, coming in first and second respectively in all four countries. Bengals were also in the top three in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. However, the similarities end there. Both Bengals and British Shorthairs came in at a joint third in Wales, while England showed a joint preference for both the British Shorthair and talkative Siamese cats.

In fact, British Shorthairs are one of the first cat breeds ever recorded in Britain, having been brought over by Roman soldiers during the Roman invasion. With its rounded features and soft plush coat, both England and Wales are in love with this endearing breed.

In light of the results, Paul Trott from Catit said:

“Ragdoll cats are beautiful, calm, and affectionate, so we’re certainly not shocked to see that it’s the nation’s favourite breed. It’s also not too surprising to see the Maine Coon and Bengal cat up there as well. These are both breeds that are famous for their unusual features, whether that’s their size or their markings.

“That being said, it’s important not to choose a breed simply because it’s popular or looks pretty. Each breed has its own distinctive features and personality. Some are very energetic and playful, while others are calm and independent. So, we’d always advise doing your research before welcoming a new friend into the family.

“Different breeds require more time and care than others too, so budgeting for toys, food, and grooming should be a consideration. For example, large energetic breeds like the Maine Coon will need more attention and larger food portions, which can make their care more expensive than smaller, calmer breeds like the Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, or Siamese cat.”

Article source: Catit

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