The Pet Whisperer: 'I ditched my bar job to follow my dream - now I talk to pets beyond the grave'

Pet Whisperer
Maggie Davies

Lizzy Adams claims to have a special gift – the ability to talk to animals in the present day and beyond the grave. She discovered her talent after she heard her friend’s horse communicate.

Lizzy Adams claims to have a special gift – the ability to talk to animals. Recalling the moment she discovered, she heard someone say, “Well, you wouldn’t like it if you were touched there would you?”

She first heard a voice utter the sentence while she was practising reiki on her friend’s horse, Manchester Evening News reports. “I turned around to see if anyone was there. It was like someone was speaking in my ear,” Lizzy explained.

She said: “I asked my friend, ‘does the horse not like physio near her bum?’ and the owner told me she hates it. She asked me how I knew.”

“I said, ‘this is going to sound really bizarre, but I think she just told me’,” she added.

From that moment forward, Lizzy claims that conversations with animals kept happening and she started to experience ‘visions’.

“The more I was going out and seeing them, the more I was hearing what they had to say and having visions,” she said.

That event was one of the key catalysts in her journey to becoming an animal medium, which eventually saw her ditch her job as a bar manager to start her own business.

Lizzy began suffering from poor mental health in her early 30s – where the journey initially started.

In 2017, she decided to try out reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. The now 36-year-old was so moved by the therapy – which involves gently placing hands all over the body – she wanted to learn more about the experience. Lizzy became inspired to try out the therapy on her own dogs once she discovered she could practice on animals as well as humans.

She always knew she had a gift, having been able to see spirits since she was just seven years old. However, the more she learned about reiki, the more her gift was opening up.

She can recall the time she performed reiki on another friend’s horse. As she approached the animal, she claims it asked her: “You’re not here to hurt me, are you?”

The owner later told Lizzy the horse had been abused in the past. “ before I even got to her,” Lizzy continued.

“I would see images and have different visions. I would feel different things depending on the animals; they would say words or phrases so I’d pick up on these types of things too.

“I’ve had a gift since I was a child. I was able to see people that had passed over. I created a fear with it because at the age of seven, I didn’t know how to deal with it. I blocked it out.”

Lizzy says knowledge of her gift quickly spread far and wide, and she was soon being contacted by pet owners all over the world. Before long, she was able to quit her bar job and turn her gift into a full-time career. She now runs her own medium service, Lizzy Adams Animal Psychic & Meditation Coach.

Not only does Lizzy claim to be able to translate animal’s feelings and solve problems, but she says she can also reunite owners with beloved pets beyond the grave.

Lizzy, who lives in Dover, remembers the time a Manchester client reached out to her for a reiki session with her dog. Lizzy says she was able to see the animal’s memories, including running along a beach with its owner.

“It was incredible to know I have this connection,” she added. “I believe I have it because growing up, my life was traumatic and turbulent.

“I lost faith in people; when you’re growing up as a child you expect adults to be there and protect you from things and that wasn’t the case for me.

“I would go off and spend my days sitting with horses or just being around animals because I felt safer with animals than people. Now I’m able to do that – I can let people know their animals who have passed over are OK.”

Starting at £40 a session, Lizzy runs hour-long medium readings to get in touch with pets who have gone on to another life.

She asks for a photo of the animal and then enters a state of meditation, calling the pet’s name for it to ‘come through’.

“Knowing I’ve gone out to help an animal that has anxiety or stresses or trauma and being able to help them alleviate that is incredible for me,” she continued.

“I feel overwhelmed because it’s an amazing thing and I’m able to do this remotely. I can talk with people all around the world.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have all sorts of animals – dogs, cats, horses, cows, chipmunks, tortoises, rats and guinea pigs. No animal is too big or small for me.”

(Article source: The Mirror)

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