How to teach your dog good etiquette at the door

Margaret Davies

Most dog owners are familiar with the experience of fighting their dog to get through a doorway, and in some homes, this comes down to a constant battle over who should go first!

Doorway Challenges

The sound of the doorbell, door knocker, or someone walking up to your home can trigger frenzied barking and jumping in many dogs. It's crucial to teach your dog that an open door doesn't always mean a green card to go through.

Teaching Good Etiquette

Explore different aspects of teaching dogs about doors and doorways to promote good door etiquette in your dog.

Who Goes First?

Your dog should always defer to you as the alpha when passing through a doorway. Ensure your dog waits and allows you to go first, correcting any bad manners or attempts to push ahead.

Open Doors and Boundaries

While your dog may use an open door to the garden freely, teach them that not every open door is an invitation to go out. Create an invisible boundary, even for breeds prone to wandering like the Siberian Husky.

Responses to Visitors

Manage your dog's reaction to people approaching the house. Teach them to bark briefly as an alert, then sit quietly. When opening the door, position yourself in the doorway to control your dog's interactions with visitors.

Going Out for a Walk

Excitement for a walk can lead to forgotten manners. Put your dog on the lead before heading to the door. Walk through internal doorways first, making them wait. At the outside door, make them sit and stay until calm.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your dog exhibits good door etiquette, making your home more harmonious and enjoyable.

(Article source: Pets 4 Homes)

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