Sylvester Stallone kept the two turtles from Rocky - and they’re now 44

sylvester stallone pet turtles
Chris Stoddard
Chris Stoddard

This is one of the most adorable stories that we have come across in some time.

Those who still watch the original “Rocky” film on a regular basis probably remember the part where the titular pugilist purchases turtles from a pet store. Those who are looking to refresh their memory can check out the scene for themselves. Can you believe that Stallone still owns both of them?

That’s right. Our pals Cuff and Link are still very much alive and well. This is not a new revelation to those who pay attention to the actor’s Instagram page. He posted a photo of the turtles during the shoot for Creed 2. We are proud to report that they are still in his possessions and he loves them very much. While you may not follow Stallone on Instagram, this Reddit post is here to spread the word.

We are so glad to see that these turtles are being taken care of by none other than Rocky himself. It is something out of the movies, isn’t it? His compassion and dedication to the well being of the turtles is just marvellous. It reminds us of the level of dedication that Mike Tyson has towards his pigeons. These turtles even got some screen time in Creed 2.

The Reddit thread that broke out in tribute to these turtles is too adorable for words. Social media is well known for its snark. However, even Reddit was not able to put on a brave front for this story. There is something about tough guys with pets that touches the hearts of everyone. It makes these types of actors so much easier to relate to.

We all have soft spots, right? While we never would have predicted that he would still own these turtles after all these years, we are psyched to see them so happy together. Turtles are fun pets for a wide range of reasons. First of all, they live for a very long time. Secondly, they live so long that their owners are very rarely forced to watch them die.

We are willing to bet that Cuff and Link will be able to outlive their famous owner. In case you were wondering, the Bull mastiff that played a role in the first two Rocky films is also residing with the turtles. This is one happy family that we would love to see more of. Maybe when the Creed franchise runs its course, they can all start their very own sitcom.

(Story source: Beopeo)

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