Rap star Snoop Dogg offers to rehome abandoned dog 'Snoop'

Snoop Dogg with american pitt bull terrier
Margaret Davies

In a heart-wrenching incident captured on CCTV, a Staffordshire bull terrier, later named "Snoop," was abandoned on the streets of Stoke-on-Trent a week before Christmas. The "heartbreaking" footage garnered millions of views worldwide, prompting rap star Snoop Dogg and comedian Sue Perkins to extend offers to adopt the distressed pooch.

Snoop was left near Timor Grove and Pacific Road in Trentham on December 17. The RSPCA, inundated with support and adoption offers, is currently investigating the abandonment and is grateful for the global outpouring of love for Snoop.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Snoop Dogg expressed his heartbreak over the situation and offered a loving home for Snoop at "Casa de Snoop" in Los Angeles. Sue Perkins and journalist Andrew Neil also expressed interest in adopting the lovable Staffie.

The RSPCA emphasized that Snoop is a friendly and affectionate dog, enjoying the company of people and other dogs. While the investigation is ongoing, anyone interested in adopting Snoop can apply through the RSPCA's Find a Pet database once the process is complete.

The RSPCA's Find a Pet database also features a variety of dogs, including 70 Staffies like Snoop, all looking for new homes. The organization extends its gratitude for the overwhelming support and encourages prospective adopters to consider other dogs in need.

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