New smoothie for dogs improves 'hydration and wellbeing' of our pets

smoothie for dogs
Maggie Davies

Brits glug 13 million bottles of green juices and detox drinks every year and so the market has sought to expand to create smoothies for our dogs. The canine concoction retails at £2.00 a pop.

The Mirror reports that dogs can now enjoy a paw-fect glass of smoothie after a ruff day.

Furr Boost – a blend of meat, fruit and veg – is the latest craze to hit pet shop shelves.

It follows the human fad for green juices and detox drinks. Brits glug a whopping 13 million bottles of the stuff each year. And the UK smoothie and juice market is worth an estimated £648 Million, according to Statista.

The canine concoction retails at £2.00 a pop or £16 for a pack of eight. Shoppers have the pick of juicy favours including apple, cranberry and blueberry. And the drink is stuffed with vitamins to keep your fur baby feeling tip-top.

Creator Louise Toal dreamed up the drink after her pet Beagle, Sophie, suffered bladder trouble. The doting owner experimented with home remedies before landing on the winning formula.

According to the company’s website, the tipple can be enjoyed with meals or frozen for a cooling summer treat. Raving about the product, Toal said: “Our smoothie drinks will allow more dog owners the opportunity to improve the hydration and wellbeing of their pets.”

The drinks are the latest in a string of upmarket treats aimed at the most-heeled of Britain’s 10 million dog owners. The Princess of Wales’ sister, James Middleton, has his own range of dog food. Designer brand Burberry flogs canine jumpers for £200 a time. And there are upmarket dog hotels dotted across the country.

(Story source: The Mirror)

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