Sleepless baby instantly falls into deep slumber when he hears his dog snoring

Snoring dog
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There are so many reasons why raising a child around a dog is a good thing.

It promotes self-esteem, encourages the development of trusting relationships, and helps develop empathy and compassion.

Ron Project reports that even with his mom’s best effort, the child would get restless in his sleep. He would fidget around, unable to remain calm and relaxed.

Then, his mom discovered something surprising. For some reason, the baby found the dog’s loud noise during sleep calming.

Thankfully, she was able to catch the precious moment on camera.

In the video, the pair were caught taking a nap together.

The dog’s head was resting on the baby’s shoulder while the child’s head was leaning on the dog’s nose. They looked like each other’s pillow.

It’s hard to understand how the baby found the dog’s snoring comforting. It wasn’t a nice sound. In fact, the Mastiff sounded like someone chopping wood! But, the baby didn’t mind.

Even if the dog was literally snoring right beside his ear, he didn’t mind. He slept like it was music to his ears. For most adults, that kind of snore is bothering. It can leave anyone sleepless and restless.

The baby wasn’t the only one drifting off to dreamland at that time. Even the dog looked like he was dreaming – he was even twitching from time to time.

The pair’s video has over 200,000 views already, and the people who’ve seen it were clearly amused.

One viewer said: “Insanely sweet. Beautiful doggie and baby.”

Why do dogs snore?

Just like us, dogs tend to snore if they have something obstructing their nostrils or nasal passage. One of the most common reasons is excess weight. Dogs that are overweight have excess tissues in their throat and neck that shrink around the oesophagus when they sleep. The presence of allergens at home can also induce snoring. Good examples are smoke, dust, and pollens.

If someone at home smokes, it can also cause dogs to snore. Second-hand smoke can cause irritation to their sensitive throats. Take note that exposure to cigarette smoke isn’t just bad for dogs; babies and everyone at home can also experience health problems because of it. Some breeds snore more than others. This particularly happens to “squishy faced” dogs – think Pugs and French Bullys.

So, how do you stop a dog from snoring?

Once you’ve identified why your dog snores, you can find a way to stop the behaviour. For example, if your dog has dry mouth, you can invest in a good air humidifier. It works by putting moisture in the air.

A circular bed can also help stop a dog from snoring by encouraging them to curl up. This position opens the air passages and decreases pressure on the dog’s oesophagus. The less pressure on the oesophagus, the less likely the dog will snore. If the dog’s snoring is related to sleep apnoea, surgery might be necessary. This is something you should talk to your vet about. It’s a surgical procedure that requires a careful and thorough assessment from
health experts.

(Story source: Ron Project)

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