Petrolhead dog loves hopping on her owner’s shoulders and going for motorbike rides

petrolhead dog
Maggie Davies

Meet Dotty, the springer spaniel and Staffie cross who loves nothing more than going for
motorcycle rides with her pal Graham Tranter.

Metro reports that Graham, 42, first got Dotty two years ago, not long after his mum passed away.

The new puppy surprised him by jumping on the seat of his 1989 Honda VTZ250 motorbike of her own accord.

Now, the pair regularly hit the road together, with Dotty kitted out in her very own leathers, goggles and bandana as she calmly rests her head on Grahams shoulder.

Graham, from Rugeley, Staffordshire, said: ‘Dotty transformed herself into a biker. She’s my best friend. ‘She’s always had a little jacket but over the last 12 months, she looks more the part. She’s got a custom leather jacket coming that I’m having specially made for her. ‘I chopped up one of my old jackets for her (for now). ‘She has a special canine rucksack that is designed for dogs and the goggles, with a bandana too, and sometimes she wears a biking hoody. She looks the part. ‘The best thing people say to us is “that’s made my day, my week”. The sight of seeing Dotty instantly puts a smile on their face. ‘It makes them happy, and it makes me happy.’

Sweet Dotty, who’s got more than 2,200 followers on TikTok, happily jumps up on Graham’s shoulders when it’s time for a cruise through the countryside.

The plan is that they’ll take a trip to Wales this summer, and they’ve so far completed a 180-mile road trip from near their home in Rugeley to Snake Pass in the Peak District.

Graham said: ‘I had a lot of personal family issues a few years ago. ‘My mum had passed away, my partner had gone, then I got Dotty. She filled the gap from everything that had happened at that moment. ‘I started the bike up one day, and she jumped on the bike. It started from there. She loved it. ‘Every time I set the bike out, she comes and jumps on the bike. When I pick my boots up, she knows.

‘She will sit on the seat. She’s always in the rucksack on my back (when we ride). ‘When she was small, she was in the front of my jacket in a rucksack, then I transferred her into a back box. ‘She feels comfortable being with me on my back. ‘At the moment, we’re in Staffordshire. The longest journey she’s done in a day is 180 miles, from Rugeley where we are up to Snake Pass. ‘Our long-term plan would be to go to Europe or abroad. She’ll be a globetrotter.’

It’s now got to the point that Dotty is something of a ‘local celebrity’. Graham said: ‘She’s devoted to me. She’s a lovely dog, she’s friendly, and she’s happy being on and around the bikes.

‘We have a special bond. It’s just the two of us, and it has been for the last three years. ‘She’s so beautiful. She’s a good-looking dog, lovely and friendly. She’s not like a dog really. ‘There’s something about Dotty – she attracts people. Everybody loves her.

‘She’s certainly a local celebrity.’

(Story source: Metro)

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