Did you know your pet generates good ‘Feng Shui’ in your home?

Pet Feng Shui
Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

Pets can generate wonderful Feng Shui, but did you also know they are affected by your home's environment? If you live with a furry, feathery or fuzzy creature, read the following tips. They'll help you and your friend live in perfect harmony.

Do’s and don’ts

DO! Get a pet if you feel tired, depressed or stuck in a rut.

Animals represent fire energy. Adding fire energy to your life will make you more passionate about life. If you travel a lot, you can always get a low-maintenance pet, like an African Dwarf Frog. These aquatic animals can live in a fish tank and are ideal for putting in your prosperity gua (the far left corner of your home), where their gentle movement will stimulate new income.

DON’T! Neglect your pets.

When you don't feed, bathe and nurture your pet properly, your Feng Shui will suffer. A fish tank with dirty, stagnant water can result in financial loss. A dog with a matted coat may prompt you to get overlooked for a promotion. An overweight cat may drive away romance. You may not realize it, but the way you treat people, pets and plants has a great bearing on your own self-image. Adjust your behaviour accordingly.

DO! Give your pet a special area that's just for them.

Whether it's a cage, bed or cushion, this will honour your pet in a way that benefits your whole household. Make sure your pet's area is always clean and well maintained. The best spots for an animal's perch are the near left corner or the centre portion of the far wall of your home. When you designate a special spot for your animals, it will be easier to be recognized for your own talents and contributions.

DON’T! Let your pets run wild.

Giving your pets free range goes against the natural order of life. If you don't assume the master position in your household, people will constantly take advantage of you in other areas of life. Designate counters and table-tops as off limits. Don't allow your animals to maul visitors. Above all, never feed your animals scraps. They will become shameless beggars and sap your energy.

DO! Put your cat's litter box in an optimal place.

Feng Shui experts are always warning people against putting the cat box in the relationship and prosperity corners. So where should you put this necessary piece of equipment? Try the near right corner, which represents helpful people. By providing your cat with a clean litter box where he or she feels safe and protected by two surrounding walls, you'll win their undying devotion. Maintaining a well-kept litter box will also prompt others to be more compassionate toward you.

DON’T! Let your pets sleep on your bed.

This can put a real damper on your love life and create intimacy problems for you. Many animal lovers drive romance from their doors by putting their pets first in all circumstances. When it comes to relationships, people should come before pets. That doesn't mean you should get rid of your cat or dog if you meet someone who dislikes animals. But it does mean that you shouldn't treat your pet like a substitute lover or child.

DO! Integrate photos of your animal throughout your home.

Putting pictures of your animal in the centre right portion of your home will make them feel like one of the family. This can be especially helpful when you're introducing a new animal into your home. Display these pictures in natural wood frames so that you will boost your pet's natural fire energy.

DON’T! Go overboard with pets.

Assess your living space before adding more animals. Having tons of cats in a tiny apartment isn't good for you or the animals. Too many pets can be symbolic of a person who is avoiding human relationships. This can cause real problems spiritually, physically and emotionally. If you really want to devote yourself to animal welfare, keep a reasonable amount of pets and volunteer at your local shelter.

DO! Make allowances for your pet's idiosyncrasies.

All animals - humans included - have strange quirks. Some cats prefer drinking out of a faucet rather than a water bowl. A dog can develop passionate attachment for a particular toy. In cases like these, there will come a time when you have to decide whether it's worth breaking the animal's spirit. Leaving the faucet dripping or stocking up on a hefty supply of Blue Pro Penn racquetballs may be preferable than forcing a change.

DON’T! Be afraid to let animals into your life.

Often, people who lost a pet as a child avoid getting another. The fact is that animals are a tremendous source of joy. By adopting one, you'll make a loving connection with another living being. There's no better way to experience good Feng Shui. So do some research into your ideal animal, talk to a responsible pet owner about the pros and cons, and adopt a friend from your animal shelter. You won't regret it.

Good pet ‘Feng Shui’ tips

Pets are just like any living things that need our love and concern, so do not neglect them because they can bring bad Feng Shui. For example, if you leave your aquarium unattended, it will contain dirty, stagnant water that can result in financial loss. So remember to feed them, play with them and show them with love to attract good Feng Shui.

Pets should have their own place for sleep and it is not recommended to sleep with your pets like dog, cats and etc. as it can affect your love or marriage relationship.

Keep your pets away from furniture unless it is theirs, if you do so, you will give them an equal footing with humans.

Do not lock your pet in a cage because it will minimize the movement and flow of the energy that can create bad qi or energy in the house. You might be asking, “How about fishes since they are being kept in the fish tank?”

Good Feng Shui is always talking about clutter free so you must get rid of your pet's waste and make sure that your house is clean and odour-free.

Keep a balance and do not let your pet be overwhelmed in your life - Avoid putting too many photo of your pet in the house. This is especially important for singles who are looking for a love relationship.

Take care of the Feng Shui elements too for your pets - Cats belong to the element of wood, so the suitable colours for their bedding should be blue, black or green. Avoid red as it is a bad choice for your cat’s bedding. Whereas dogs belong to the element earth, so keep them away from white baskets as it can make them ill. A more suitable basket colour will be brown or yellow.

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