Getting married? Why not include your dog on the big day!

Pet big day
Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

Couples involving their beloved pets at their weddings is becoming an increasingly common trend. However, as any animal lover will know, pets can be unpredictable - which is something you do not want on the most important day of your life! Follow these tips if you’re thinking about involving your pet at your wedding…

Confirm with your venue

This simple, yet very important step is easy to forget, but this is the first thing you should add to your ‘pets at weddings’ to-do list. Imagine showing up on your wedding day, with your four-legged friend in tow, and being told that animals are not allowed on the property. If your venue are happy to accommodate your pet, make sure there is always a bowl of water and treats available and an easy exit if they start barking. Maybe take your pet to your venue before the big day so they’re used to it, as it’s a strange and new place for them.

Pets personality

Always take into consideration the type of personality your pet has before giving them a specific role - are they excitable, aggressive or obedient? You may want to make your pet ring bearer, but think about whether your pet will enjoy this or will they find it a traumatic experience? You may assume that your pet will feel comfortable in the crowd but will they feel overwhelmed around 100s of guests?

Even if your pet is well-behaved and used to large crowds, there is no real guarantee that they’ll behave like that on the day. Being stroked, photographed or chased by kids can become increasingly stressful for your pet so make sure they can handle it before you involve them.

Pet photography

Notify your photographer that you’re planning to include your pooch in the wedding photos, as this will allow your photographer to prepare any fun photography ideas involving your pet, and will also allow for them to prep for any other details - like unpredictable pet behaviour, etc.

Let your guests know in advance

It is always worth informing your guests early on that you’re going to include your pet at your wedding. Provide this information on the save-the-date cards and again on the invitation, as this is a warning to anyone with allergies and it means they can plan in advance so they can still enjoy your special day.

Safety over style

There is nothing cuter than a pup in a tux or a cat with a bow tie, but make sure it fits properly and is comfortable so your pet can enjoy your day. It’s best to keep the accessories simple to avoid any pitfalls - a flower or little bow tie attached to their collar is a fun way to dress up your pet, and still looks super cute! Always double-check that none of their accessories are a choking hazard to your pet and that none of the flowers you used are poisonous.

Book a pet sitter

Whilst it’s lovely to have your beloved pooch around your wedding day, it’s important that you allow yourself time to relax and not worry about them. Why not hire a pet sitter to be responsible for bringing your pet to the ceremony? Watching him during the ceremony / reception and taking them home before it gets too rowdy as the night goes on? That way you won’t need to worry about who’s feeding them, if they’ve got enough water and if they’ve devoured the wedding cake yet!

Which role is best?

They a man’s best friend is his dog, so why not make your four– legged friend your best man? Ring bearers, flowers girls and ‘mutts of honour’ are also popular roles for your beloved pets. Involving your pet in your wedding day is a super cute thing to do, and many couples can’t imagine their wedding day without their pets included. Follow these tips and your pet will have just as much fun as you!

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