How to have the perfect bank holiday break with your pets

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Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

One of the best things about Bank Holidays is the extra time you get to relax and spend time with friends and family. And, if you’re a pet owner, more time with your furry friends.

5 ways to spend bank holidays with your dog

Here are five ideas to help inspire you to have a great bank holiday - or two - with your dog.

Head to the beach

There aren’t many dogs who don’t enjoy a romp around in the wide, open space and seaside destinations offer this in abundance. Even if we’re not blessed with good weather, your dog will appreciate the chance to stretch his or her legs and play a few games. Be aware that not all beaches welcome dogs, so check before you set off - and if your dog enjoys water, take care that they don’t go in too far. If your nearest dog-friendly beach is a bit of a distance away and you can spare the time and money, consider a short break, staying in some dog-friendly accommodation.

Cool waters

If your dog does love to swim, take him or her to a body of water that’s safe and dog-friendly. Shallow pools and streams are ideal. Swimming is a good form of exercise and, if the weather’s hot, it’s a good way to stay cool. Remember to take a towel with you so you can get that fur dry before you hop back into the car or need to go indoors.

Walk on the wild side

Instead of taking your dog on his or her regular route, try a new environment so they can revel in some new sights, sounds and smells. Consider making the walk a bit longer than usual as a special treat - and remember, it’s good exercise for you, too.

Pamper your pooch

If your pet is not particularly an outdoors-type, or your more in the mood for a less energetic way to spend your day, then treat him or her to a day of treatment with a professional dog groomer to get them looking fabulous. You could also arrange to get a professional portrait, either by photographer or painter to capture your top dog.

Teach an old dog new tricks

Lots of dog clubs hold gatherings and shows on bank holidays, so it’s worth looking out for any in your area. They are a great place for your dog to socialise, not to mention an ideal opportunity for you to meet other owners to swap stories and advice. Dog shows will have activities to keep your dog active and interested as well as stalls to buy new toys and equipment.

Make the most of the Bank Holiday with your cat

How much quality time do you spend with your pets? This Bank Holiday weekend, why not put the time aside to spend some real quality time with your feline friend? We all know, as a nation of pet lovers, that animals have the ability to make us smile and bring us joy. So, why not spend Bank Holiday giving back to them with some fun and playtime?

Fetch's resident vet, Lauren Vrsalovich, knows the importance of pet playtime and how it can have a positive impact on our lives. She says: "There have been lots of studies that suggest spending even a small amount of time with your pet each day can reduce our levels of stress and anxiety, as well as promoting feelings of happiness. Our pets also benefit greatly from these interactions, helping them bond with us. Not only is this kind of interaction beneficial for both parties, but it can also be incredibly fun and rewarding."

With that in mind, why not make the most of the bank holiday and get as much time in with your pets as possible? Take a look at this list of activities you can do with your pet to make the most of the three day weekend.

Make and play

Why not make a puzzle feeder out of old toilet rolls and add treats to it to keep both you and your cat occupied? It doesn't take long at all and will help clear out any recycling you have kicking around, as well as keeping your kitty entertained without breaking the bank!

Get active

If you have an indoor cat, why not let him stretch his legs and take him for a walk with a harness and lead? If your cat isn't a fan of the lead, you could always install an outdoor pen for your cat to roam safely in.

Have a pamper

Is your cat in need of a groom? Grooming can really allow you to bond with your kitty, and depending on the breed of your cat, might need doing more often than not!

Try a treat wobbler

Cats are usually fairly good at amusing themselves and generally their short bursts of activity and play are interspersed with a significant amount of time spent sleeping! Nevertheless, it is important to provide various forms of entertainment for your cat. Treat wobblers provide ideal mental and physical stimulation for your feline friend.

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