Oldham's first cat café Cat-A-Tonic is now open for coffee and cuddles

cat cafe
Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

Cat-A-Tonic is home to six cats from a local rescue centre.

Manchester Evening News reports that Oldham's first cat café is now open, where visitors can pay-per-hour to cosy up with kitties over a brew.

Founded by Christine Rooney, the cosy site on Union Street has a sparse fit-out and is home to six cats rehomed from a local rescue centre.

“In preparation for the launch, a great deal of work has gone into approving the ambiance in the cats’ private quarters, as well as in the customer lounge,” said Christine.

“We are working with a charity to promote rescue cats. We take the welfare of our cats very seriously as we want this to be a happy experience for both patrons and cats, where cats will feel loved, warm and safe."

She continues, “We have designed our lounge to ensure that no cat will ever feel crowded and intimated - and this is reflected in all aspects of lighting and layout. We believe this captures a relaxed mood for everyone. This is why we have capped the number of cats present to a maximum of 6 and will limit the number of customers at any one time. I was born and raised in Oldham... I know from first-hand experience how we Oldhamers love our cats and am so proud that we are able to launch our first café here and assist in the re-generation of our town centre.”

Cat-lovers can book a visit to Cat-A-Tonic online at cat-a-tonic.co.uk for £9 per hour, slightly less than the Northern Quarter-based Cat Café Manchester which charges £12 per hour. Unlimited drinks included are included in the £9 price, which are made to order. Snacks are also available to buy from a vending machine, which has been installed in the café area separate from the cats. The six furry residents also have their own quarters in the shop's converted basement, where they can retreat away from visitors if they prefer. Animal welfare has been to check the café, confirms Christine, who is working closely with local rescue centre Animal Rescue Oldham.

Tracy Thompson from Animal Rescue has been looking after the cats, and says that they have been selected based on their personalities. "It's got to be one that can mix well," she explains. "Usually one that has been brought round from issues - from a bad background." "It's a good way of showing that's what the cat needs: TLC and time. And these cats love it. They love TLC, and it's the perfect environment for them. They're safe, warm, and they're being fed." Animal Rescue Oldham is also in desperate need of volunteers, Tracy adds. People are needed to help at the Animal Rescue Oldham with a range of duties, including socialising the cats in the cattery - a big part of their recovery.

(Story source: Manchester Evening News)

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