'My mum is so embarrassed of my dog's name that she's refusing to walk him'

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Maggie Davies

A pet owner thought they were being funny when they picked out their dog’s unusual name, but their mum isn’t best pleased and has even refused to walk the pet because of it.

Choosing a name for your dog can be great fun, giving owners the chance to reflect their furry best friend’s unique and loveable personality.

Some people will be inspired by their pooch’s distinctive markings or colouring (Patch, Spot, Cinnamon), while others will opt for a name that signifies their particular temperament (Sunny, Sassy, Sparky).

However, there are those who will choose one-of-a-kind, humorous names guaranteed to turn heads and tails alike when yelled aloud at the local park. This can of course create issues if not all family members are on board with the joke, as highlighted in a recent Reddit thread.

Taking to Reddit’s Am I the A**hole? thread, a joke-loving dog owner revealed they had named their new Labrador puppy ‘Woof’, a choice they personally found to be ‘hilarious’. However, somewhat understandably, their mum isn’t too keen on shouting this when out and about.

According to this poster: “Some of my friends like it, some think its silly, my mother, however, hates it.”

Although their mother has previously enjoyed caring for and walking their other dogs, “she can’t fathom ever walking Woof because she would get embarrassed calling my dog’s name in public”.

Although they have told their mum that she doesn’t have to walk Woof if she doesn’t want to, it doesn’t look as though he’s getting rechristened anytime soon.

They continued: “I guess that’s just my own sense of humour because I laugh when I call my dog’s name out loud at a dog park”, adding that “the idea of her having an exchange like ‘Woof! come here! No! Woof! Woof!… WOOF! ugh WOOF! come here woof! NO GET DOWN WOOF! WOOF!’ just makes me curl up”.

Many of those in the comment section have found Woof’s name to be equally amusing, with one person noting: “People name their animals goofy names all the time. Hell, Grumpy Cat’s name was Tardar Sauce and people found it funny”.

(Story source: The Mirror)

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