New movie theatre lets you gulp endless wine while you watch movies with your dog

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Movie theatres have had to become quite inventive to draw an audience.

With streaming networks such as Netflix and Hulu, more and more people decide to watch movies from their homes rather than go out for their entertainment.

Some movie theatres have begun serving alcohol and a full dinner menu. They also feature comfortable recliners or couches in lieu of the traditional folding chairs found in the theatres of old.

One theatre, in particular, has become quite inventive in their strategies to draw an audience. K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas encourages its patrons to bring their fluffy friends to their movie showings. On top of that, they serve bottomless wine or four servings of whiskey during your movie of choice.

This movie theatre is perfect for you if your dog misses you during your nights out. It even has cosy couches so that you can spend the movie cuddling your companion.

“We have a big heart for our furry family members in our lives, and believe they should get a night out with you!” reads the company’s website.

K9 Cinemas opened just last December but it’s already become a popular destination for the dog owners of Plano.

The theatre cycles through different dog-themed movies. They will show a different movie every time you visit. The most important part of the visit to K9 Cinemas is being able to enjoy a movie with your dog.

There are some special accommodations required in order to bring your dog to your night at the movies.

Don’t worry, K9 Cinemas has you covered. They provide snacks for both humans and dogs. They also provide a courtyard where dogs can meet each other and play together. It’s like a really fancy dog park with everything you can imagine to keep both yourself and your pup entertained.

A movie night isn’t the only thing you can experience with your dog. The theatre also has themed activity nights. These activities include Karaoke and Trivia. They also have a special night blocked off for date night where couples can bring their dogs with them to a movie.

This theatre is the first dog movie theatre in the world.

The business has been featured in Southern Living, People and Time Magazine in articles that describe the business in a positive way.

Thankfully, the theatre takes precautionary measures so that it’s not a doggie free-for-all day every day. Patrons must provide K9 Cinemas with documented proof that their dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations and other vet treatment. In addition to this, all the dogs must be on a leash unless they are in designated play areas. This business’ location was supposed to be temporary.

However, the business was so popular that they moved to a more permanent location in Plano. Now, dogs of any size can enjoy a night at the movies with their families.


(Story source: Ron Project) 

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