Man gets tattoo with dead dog's ashes in ink so he can 'carry him forever'

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Maggie Davies

After Sean Howe, 32, from Somerset, said his final goodbyes to his beloved pet dog Doddy, he decided to pay the pooch a very special tribute – with a portrait tattoo using his ashes.

Saying goodbye to a pet forever is one of the hardest things owners have to do in their lifetime.

One heartbroken man has got a touching tribute to his late dog in the form of a large portrait tattoo – using his ashes mixed with the ink.

Sean Howe, 32, from Somerset, was devastated after having to put his beloved Jack Russell terrier Doddy to sleep at 17 years old.

He had the pooch since he was a puppy, but the decision to put him to sleep in June 2022 was sadly made after he became deaf and started exhibiting violent outbursts.

The dad-of-two paid £180 for a large tattoo of Doddy’s face to be inked across his chest, with the dog’s ashes – so they’d always be together.

The precious tattoo took three hours to do and was done by Aiden Buller at the Gorilla Tattoo Studio in Williton, Somerset, on October 5.

Four months after he passed away, Doddy now sits proudly on the right side of Sean’s chest and he is thrilled.

Transport manager Sean, who lives with his wife Katy, 36, and their children, Daisy, five, and Millie, three, said: “I’m into tattoos anyway and I was always going to get his portrait done.

“I overheard someone talking tattoos whilst in a pub and they had mentioned you can get ashes out in the ink.

“I contacted my tattoo artist, Aiden Buller, and he said he’d do it no problem. The tattoo is perfect. I have a few tattoos from Aiden and a lot more booked in.

very happy with the outcome of the tattoo. It’s like carrying my boy with me again.”

Another devoted dog owner was left so heartbroken when her beloved bull terrier died that she got a picture of him as a tattoo.

Robyn Moscrop, 27, from West Midlands, has ensured her three-year-old dog Bronson is “always with her” by putting his ashes in the ink.

“It’s not something I could lose or misplace, it’s always there. Seeing it when it was done was really emotional, I did have a cry,” she said.

“Sometimes I talk to it as though I talk to him. It sounds silly really but sometimes when we’re at places and say I’m just wearing a t-shirt, I just think ‘oh, he’s here with me and seeing all this too’.”

Bronson was only with Robyn for two-and-half years when he suddenly passed away.

(Story source: Mirror)

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