How to make some tasty Christmas doggie treats

Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

Here are 10 super easy and super yummy Christmas dog treat recipes that your pup is going to love this festive season! So why not choose your favourites and whip up your pooch some snacks to put in their stocking this Christmas?

Apple Mint Christmas Dog Bones

These bone-shaped cookies from Best Dog Treat Recipes are low-fat and low-calorie, and will keep for several months. Also, the mint may aid your dog's digestion while it freshens his breath. Use spinach powder to give the cookies a festive green colour. These Christmas dog treats are simple to mix and bake, and they make great gifts for the dogs in your life. The cute little mint flavoured mini bones are made with applesauce, and, in addition to being tasty, the mint aids digestion and helps to control bad dog breath.

For the recipe go to: Dog Candy Canes

These dog candy canes from Dog Treat Kitchen are a lot of work, but they're festive and a great way to get your kids involved in the baking. You can freeze them for up to six months, so you can get a head start on them. And according to the blog, dogs love the chicken and peppermint flavour. Tie some up with a pretty ribbon and give them as gifts to all the pups in your life.

For the recipe go to: Nutty Bacon Dog Treats

When the blogger behind Dog Hill Kitchen made these dog treats for her pooches back in 2008, they went a bit, uh, nutty. That's because the treats are full of delicious ingredients dogs love, such as bacon, all-natural peanut butter (or sun butter) and maple syrup.

For the recipe go to: Dog Treats with Pumpkin and Peanut Butter

2 Bees in a Pod's dog treats with pumpkin and peanut butter are a breeze to make and contain only six ingredients: whole wheat flour, eggs, canned pumpkin, peanut butter, salt and cinnamon. You can use a cookie cutter to turn them into fun shapes, whether that's dog bones or more festive shapes like Christmas trees or snowmen.

For the recipe go to: Gingerbread Dog Cookies

Nothing says Christmas like gingerbread cookies! Gone to the Snow Dogs' gingerbread dog cookies are simple to make, and the recipe can be doubled or tripled easily, making them a great way to spread the festive cheer to local shelter dogs.

For the recipe go to: Peppermint Chews

Your kitchen will smell a lot like Christmas when you make these peppermint chews from Bunny Roo Beagle.

For the recipe go to: Irresistible Christmas Cookie Dog Treats

If you're pressed for time, these Christmas-cookie dog treats from BarkPost are quick and easy to make. Plus, with only five ingredients - flour, baking powder, peanut butter, non-fat plain Greek yogurt and water - they're inexpensive, too. Use mini Christmas cookie cutters to up the festive factor.

For the recipe go to:

Christmas Carob Mint Dog Cookies

Paw Luxury's Christmas carob mint dog cookies are dipped in melted carob, giving them a delicious chocolatey flavour. They'll also look great in a cellophane bag tied with a Christmas ribbon, so you can give them to all the pooches in your life.

For the recipe go to: Calvin’s Christmas Cookies

The blogger behind The Scrumptious Pumpkin originally made these Christmas dog treats for her beagle, Calvin - and they were a huge hit. The cookies are full of healthy, whole ingredients including unsweetened apple sauce, organic honey and olive oil. Plus, the organic dried cranberries and green pumpkin seeds give them a festive look.

For the recipe go to: (Article source:

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