How to naturally keep your pets calm

keep pets calm
Maggie Davies

Just like you, your pets occasionally struggle with feelings of nervousness, fear, and stress. This fear-related anxiety can come from many different sources: loud noises, sudden environmental changes, and even food.

It is recommended that you step into action as soon as you notice these changes in your pet. Procrastinating and ignoring will only worsen their behaviour and may even lead to health issues.

Excessive vocalisation, uncontrolled running around the house, panting, and drooling are all red flags for pet parents.

Keeping your pet calm during a stressful period in its life will be as easy as ABC once you’re familiar with our methods.

Here are the top 3 ways to naturally keep your pets calm:

1. Keep the Noise Down

It is common for your pet to feel stressed out because of the noise in your home or surroundings. Whether there’s a celebration at your place or it’s just that your music is turned up to the max, these loud noises can affect your pet.

For example, loud sounds can harm your dog’s middle and inner ear.

So, if you’ve noticed that your furry friend is particularly nervous around loud music, fireworks or construction work, move it to a sound-isolated area.

Don’t let your pet become traumatised.

2. Create a Safe Spot

Do you ever crawl up in your bed when you’re stressed or sad about something and chill for a moment? We’re sure you do.

Well, your pets share this habit with you.

Another useful method of calming your pet naturally is creating a safe spot where it can go and calm down on its own. If it’s their bed, we recommend going to the pet store and picking out a few items to equip their sleeping spot.

New fluffy toys, treats, pillows – whatever they like.

The next time they get nervous, just bring them to their haven and let them rest.

3. Use Vet-Recommended CBD Oils

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means crowds of people with kids, loud noises, and many different things happening simultaneously.

You’re up for some trouble if your pet is not used to this dynamic.

Luckily for pet parents, we have another verified solution. CBD oil for pets is another way to keep your pet calm, especially during holiday festivities.

These oils, derived from hemp, interact with receptors in your pet’s central and peripheral nervous systems. Their goal is to help your pet maintain balance and keep it in a normal healthy state.

How can you pull this off?

Many different ways. You can drop the recommended amount directly into your pet’s mouth. If your pet is not used to this, you can ingest the drops into their food and mix it.

As pet owners, there will surely come a moment when you will notice that your pet is not behaving as usual. These behavioural changes can be manifested in different ways – vocalising, destruction, uncontrolled running, etc.

The reasons for such outbursts are numerous. Your pet might not be comfortable with loud music, the hustle and bustle brought by the holiday season or sudden environmental changes.

You can help them get through this difficult period by taking care of the noise, creating a safe spot for them, or including vet-recommended CBD oils.

(Article source: Formula Swiss)

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