Hero dog saves owner after black bear attacks her

hero dog
Maggie Davies

A woman has credited her Jack Russell Terrier with saving her life from a massive black bear that attacked her while she was walking her dogs.

Metro reports that Susan Lee was walking along a trail on her property Saturday with her two dogs, the terrier and a labradoodle, when she heard a startling noise. The 61-year-old soon had the horrific realization that a mother black bear was charging at her from the nearby woods.

Lee tripped on a stone wall as the bear closed in on her. After falling over her leg began to hurt, which was when she realized the bear had climbed on top of her and bit her in the leg, Lee told the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

‘Ms Lee stated that her Jack Russell Terrier intervened by barking at the bear, which got off her and appeared to focus on the dog,’ stated wildlife officials.

Jack Russell Terriers are generally small dogs, standing at about 10 to 15 inches (38 cm) in height.

Her heroic pet caused a great enough distraction that the bear was sent off in the opposite direction, allowing Lee to quickly scramble to her feet and make her way back home with the terrier. Her labradoodle had run away as the bear charged towards her. Lee got home safely, called 911 and then asked a neighbour to provide some help with the ambulance.

She was brought to a nearby hospital where she was treated for the bite wound on her upper leg and several large scratches, some of which were nine inches long.

Wildlife officials went to the site of the attack afterwards and concluded that the bear was a mother with young cubs, and that the attack was likely the result of Lee and her dogs startling the group. Officials attempted to locate the bear but were unsuccessful.

‘Bear attacks are extremely rare in Vermont,’ said Fish and Wildlife Department Bear Biologist Jaclyn Comeau. ‘However, at this time of year black bears are moving in family units and mothers will be protective of their cubs. If confronted by a bear it is essential to remain calm and back away slowly, and to fight back immediately if attacked.’

The department only has records of three other bear attacks in the entire state.

(Story source: Metro)

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