Guy fakes his death to see how his cat really feels about him, gets disappointing response.

Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

It’s been said that for someone to truly understand rejection, they must first be ignored by a cat.

Metro reports that the good news is that if you own a cat, you’ll understand rejection pretty quickly.

Cats are lovely, but unlike dogs, they’re a little more selective when it comes to showing their affections. There’ll be days they’ll refuse to move from your lap for hours, then others when they’ll avoid your strokes and scamper away, leaving you feeling like an idiot.

That’s why it’s hard to get a read on how your cat really feels about you. Do they love you? Are they using you for food? Do they just tolerate you so they can have a warm place to sleep?

A classic test to find out is to fake your death in front of said cat and see how devastated they truly are. That’s exactly what Cory, the owner of Sparta, also known simply as the Mean Kitty, tried to do. Cory groaned, he clutched his chest, and he fell to the floor.

While the other cat, Loki sat on the stairs and ignored the entire spectacle, Sparta did wander over to see what was going on. Sparta sniffed his owner’s hand, budged him for a stroke, but ultimately chose to roll over and go to sleep.

His owner’s reaction sums it up: "Really, dude?"

We reckon that the lack of misery wasn’t down to Sparta not giving a toss about his owner, but because he spotted the camera and knew what was going on.

In a video Sparta looks straight into the camera and even maintains eye contact as he rolls on to his back. He knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s Loki he should be worried about. A cat that’d just sit on the stairs and watch, silently, as you died? That’s a concern.

(Story source: Metro)

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