Adorable Great Dane is still obsessed with the cuddly toy she had as a puppy

Great Dane
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A gorgeous Great Dane is still besotted with a dragon cuddly toy that she has had since she was a baby – and the pair are never apart.

The Metro reports that Elliot Mae – who was even named after the character from Disney’s Pete’s Dragon – became inseparable from her stuffed toy when she was only tiny.

Now fully grown at three years old, their friendship is as strong as ever, And an adorable series of photos charts their beautiful bond from the very early days when Elliot Mae was just a nipper.

The film that sparked this friendship is about the bond between a boy named Peter and a dragon named Elliot, which in many ways mirrors the closeness between Elliot Mae and her cuddly namesake.

‘I got Elliot from a breeder in May of 2017 when she was eight-weeks-old,’ says Elliot’s owner Mandy Helwege.

‘My Elliot was named after Elliot the Dragon, I had her name picked out shortly after she was born. ‘I ordered the dragon toy from Amazon so her breeder could use it in a photo shoot with her that I paid her to do when she was four-weeks old. ‘We have kept it with her old collars as a keepsake for close to three years.’

Mandy, who lives in Denver, Colorado, says Elliot is full of life, energetic, loving and independent.

‘She’s the best hiking partner and loves to adventure and explore the mountains we have surrounding us…maybe as much as she loves being in front of the camera and the centre of attention,’ adds the 33-year-old.

‘She’s not the brightest crayon in the box sometimes but she makes us laugh constantly and is my best friend.’

‘I’d often heard the phrase of people referring to one of their dogs as their “heart dog” and I can’t say I understood that sentiment until Elliot came into my life.’ ‘We have a connection unlike anything I’ve ever experienced or even could’ve imagined the first time I laid eyes on her.’

Don’t worry Elliot – you’re never too big for cuddly toys. We have a feeling that the bond between Elliot Mae and her beloved dragon is going to last for a lifetime.


(Story source: Metro)

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