Family waits outside for 27 hours to adopt dog with a heart on her chest

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Margaret Davies

A picture of a collie with a black heart on her chest was posted onto the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter’s Facebook page and became an instant viral sensation with over 27,000 shares, according to Fox23 News.

When you’ve found your dream pet at the rescue shelter, you’d do whatever it takes to make sure that no one else will snap them up before you. But for one family in Oklahoma that fell in love with an adorable dog at a local shelter, they went the extra mile to ensure that the pooch would be theirs, and camped outside the shelter!

The dog has some gorgeous markings and is admittedly very beautiful, so we’re not surprised that she proved popular with people looking to adopt. In fact, the huge amount of interest in the sweet pooch caused this story to go viral, and we just had to share it with you.

The shelter regularly share pictures and videos of their animals that are waiting to be adopted, but it never has one caused quite a stir as this one. Hundreds of people expressed their interest in the dog, but as the adoption was on a ‘first come first served’ basis, one family knew that they would have to go above and beyond if they wanted to take home the dog they had fallen in love with.

So on Wednesday at 8:30 AM, 27 hours before the adoption was due to open, the family drove to the rescue shelter and set up camp right outside.

The shelter’s website explains that stray animals have to be kept for at least five days after arriving before they can be adopted, and we bet that felt like five days too long for the eager family!

But eventually, the day came, and the family that had camped outside were the first ones to stand outside the door as staff opened up for the day.

Ryan Pendleton and his family took home their new pooch and named her Luna. Aah, how sweet! In a post on Facebook, the shelter said:

‘This precious baby girl has touched the hearts of people around the U.S and we are happy to announce that she has found her new forever home!!! Thank you to everyone that has shared our post.’

Users took to the comments section to express their joy over the dog being adopted, with one person commenting:

‘I wish we could see more happy endings like this.’ Another person added: ‘So glad she has a new happy home.’

We’re so pleased that this little cutie has been adopted, and but don’t forget that there are lots more animals that are waiting for their forever home, for those who are interested.

The shelter updates their Facebook page daily with new animals who are ready to be adopted, and after a quick look, we can honestly say that we’re spoiled for choice! If you’re looking into adopting a pet and live in the Oklahoma area then be sure to check out their Facebook page.

(Story source: Skytales)

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