'Everyone remembers my dog's funny name in the pub - it gets us the best table'

dogs funny name
Maggie Davies

Simon Preston-Barnes, 59, from Bath, says his miniature dachshund gets lots of attention for his rather funny name in the pub – and even bags them a great seat by the fire.

Choosing the perfect name for a pet is a difficult task – you want it to suit their appearance and personality, but you never want to feel embarrassed calling it out in the park.

One dog owner has shared his sausage dog’s rather funny name – and said it comes with perks in the pub.

Simon Preston-Barnes, 59, welcomed a puppy into his home two years ago and immediately knew what he wanted to call it. Named after a memorable pooch he once met with “a lot of character”, Simon settled on the name ‘Dave’ for his adorable longhaired miniature dachshund. “I always wanted to name a dog after him,” Simon told the Mirror. “Dave suits him and it’s always a talking point.”

At Simon’s local pub in Bath, Somerset, the staff know him and his wife as “Dave’s owners” – and he’s certainly the favourite. “Often when we book our favourite meal out at the pub, they knew Dave but never remember our names – and it causes all sorts of funny conversations,” Simon said. “They all say his name suits him as he’s so gorgeous, he shouldn’t be called Butterscotch or something twee. “Dave is a nice contrast. The staff remember him and it helps get us a great seat at the fireside.”

When Simon calls out Dave’s name in the park, he gets “plenty of stares” and “lots of lovely comments”. “I think the pub do see us as ‘Dave’s owners’ and I strangely think many dachshunds are named after human names,” Simon said.

“He’s bumped into a few Jack’s recently. I think it’s a growing trend.” Simon describes Dave’s personality as “very friendly to people he knows” and says he always wants a tickle on his belly. “He likes long walks with his girlfriend Tilly (my brother’s dog) and loves a wash in the bath,” Simon said. “But his favourite thing to do is sit at your feet, upside down on his cushion.”

Dave isn’t the only dog to get a lot of attention in the pub – Mike Pick, from Bristol, says his golden retriever named Boris laps it up too. “In 2016, everyone knew of Boris Johnson as the Mayor of London. As time went on, he became more popular and then our dog Boris really got a lot of attention,” Mike said.

Mike and his partner, Susan Macarthur, love going out to local pubs and say strangers always want to greet their golden pooch.

Then when they ask his name, Boris is often met with laughter or “funny looks”. “We tell them he’s called Boris and some people laugh. Our little joke now is that he likes to party,” Mike said, chuckling. “We’ll hear strangers say ‘guess what – that dog’s called Boris’ and ‘oh no’. It’s always mixed reactions.”

(Story source: The Mirror)

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