Domestic fennec fox and cat are the unlikeliest of friends

Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

This adorable odd couple of a fennec fox and a British Shorthair cat have become unlikely friends who do everything together.

Metro reports that cute Kuzma and his feline friend, Zima, have been inseparable ever since they were brought home to Moscow, Russia, by Milana Valevskaya.

The two-year-old fox and his two-year-old cat love playing hide and seek and chasing each other’s tails while in the flat. Although at times they do get on each other’s nerves, they always come back together and fall asleep cuddled up.

Milana said: "They are the best friends, even sleep together hugging. Kuzma is very friendly and gets on well with almost anyone and anything. We needed to have a cat as fennec foxes need friends. In the beginning we took a dog, but they did not get on well together." Kuzma was adopted by Milana and her partner when he was just three months old as it would have been more difficult to domesticate him if it had been any later.

Milana said: "It’s pretty hard to feed Kuzma as he is very choosy. He doesn’t eat vegetables and fruits from the food store, only from market stalls. Also, he eats the usual poultry, eggs and porridge but he is partial to stealing sweets."

Zima was adopted a year later when it became apparent Kuzma was lonely, and he wasn’t getting on with the couple’s dog.

"I would say Zima is his multifunctional friend - a cross between a nanny and playmate," said Milana. "For the sleep time he chooses the warmest place - often sleeps together with the cat hugging. During the day he loves relaxing near the window and watch outside. But in the morning, he is always happy… I’d say sometimes even hysterically happy."

Milana describes Kuzma as being ‘very curious’, as he is always trying to explore. She added: "I’d say he is more intellectual than dogs and cats."

(Story source: Metro)

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