Why are dogs so obsessed with human underwear?

veterinarian dogs underwear
Margaret Davies

I mean, some dogs really are obsessed with it, aren’t they?

Take Maggie-May for example. She’s a 22 month old Shih Tzu and recently she gave her owners a shock after swallowing a size 12 sock, which her owners discovered missing after she was spotted playing with the laundry.

Maggie-May’s owner, Jessica Tolley, said: “We were at home when Maggie-May was chewing and playing with a sock, when all of a sudden, she bolted off the chair and started making a funny noise.

“I realised there was a good chance she had swallowed it but my partner Ross and I could hardly believe it and we got up and started trying to find it. “Although Maggie-May seemed fine, the sock was nowhere to be seen after we searched high and low, so we took her to the vets. “All the way there, she was acting as if there was nothing wrong and I was convinced there was no way a dog her size could swallow a sock so big.”

Luckily, vet Naomi Roberts at the Beech House Veterinary Centre in Warrington were able to retrieve the sock and Maggie-May was no worse off but rather seemed to enjoy the adventurous day out!

Jessica, who has recently had her first baby Alannah, added: “On the way home from the vets, Maggie-May was sat in the car like she’d been out for an adventure.

“We are now very careful not to let her have socks any more but she is automatically drawn to the washing basket and always goes to get one out so we have to be very vigilant. “I never thought she would be able to swallow one so big."

“But she must’ve sucked and chewed it so much that it slid easily down her throat. “I have just had my first baby so I’m going to have to be extra careful she doesn’t get her paws on any little socks.”


(Story source: Dog Magazine) 

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