Doggy day care offers cocktails, yoga, discos and nude life drawing - for £37 a day

doggy daycare
Maggie Davies

Barkney Wick in East London is the only doggy day centre of its kind, with owners travelling from the US and Scotland to visit its pup-friendly cocktail bar, dog yoga events, and nude life drawing classes. The Mirror reports that a café and bar that treats dogs just like humans is welcoming owners from all over the world – after it introduced doggy yoga and nude life drawing.

Barkney Wick in Hackney Wick is a day care and training centre that also homes the UK’s first hound and human cocktail bar, After Bark.

It hosts dog discos, art exhibitions, and unusual events, such as Downward Dogs Yoga and Drink and Paw life drawing.

Owner Jamie Swan, 36, launched the revolutionary space in January 2021 and has greeted visitors from the US and Scotland.

She told The Mirror: “When I initially came up with the idea, it seemed rather bonkers to most people, but with so many choosing to welcome dogs into their family during the pandemic, it’s not quite so strange.

“We have had people from New York and Edinburgh visit us. The After Bark bar received worldwide attention when we opened last summer.”

The café and bar are completely plant-based, zero-waste, and sources produce from local individuals and businesses in and around East London.

Jamie said: “We aren’t just dog-friendly, we are dog-focused and dog-led. Hounds roam off-lead and have their own menu to order from. “Many of our dog treats are sharable, meaning you can share a cake or other sweet treat with your furry friend when you come to the café.”

So when you order a cappuccino, your dog can have a luxury puppuccino by your side. Dogs can order non-alcoholic ‘pup-tails’ from the menu, such as ‘Sex on the Bitch’ and ‘Howlapaw Sling’, all of which are derived from natural juices and come served on edible coasters.

Some nights see ‘doggy discos’ and birthday parties, where furry guests are treated to LED collars, disco lights, and tires filled with treats and balls.

Most of its staff members have dogs of their own who come along to work, including pet parent Jamie, whose pup Wolfgang is nearly two years old.

Known as the ‘Chief Puppy Officer’, Wolfgang can often be found at the welcome desk with Jamie during afternoons. One of the centre’s most popular offerings is its on-site doggy daycare, where both full and half-day services are available.

From 8 am to 5 pm, four-legged clients can take part in guided group walks, enrichment games, and some well-deserved ‘rest and relaxation’ time. Prices start at £22 for half-day services or £37 for full days. And it isn’t just dog owners who frequently visit, but animal lovers without pets of their own too.

Barkney Wick also collects dog food and other donations to give to Bow Food Bank for dogs of those who are struggling financially.

You can keep up-to-date with Barkney Wick on their Facebook and Instagram @barkneywick and @afterbarkbar.

(Article source: The Mirror)

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