Disabled puppy gets second chance at life with a lego wheelchair made by a 12-year-old boy

puppy wheelchair
Chris Stoddard
Chris Stoddard

Gracie had a pretty tough start in life. When the adorable pup was born without front legs, her owners decided she wasn’t worth keeping.

Pupperish reports that they discarded her without any regard for her welfare. When the abandoned pup finally found her way into a veterinary clinic, she was in terrible shape.

She was missing hair from around her eyes. She even had maggots crawling all over her tiny body. But Gracie never gave up. She continued to fight for life, and so did the kind people who rescued her. They were determined to make sure Gracie was given the second chance at life she deserved.

The Turney family, who run an animal shelter, decided to adopt Gracie. Already being owners of two other disabled pets, they were familiar with the responsibility involved. The family was concerned about Gracie’s mobility, as she was growing fast and was not yet eligible for a wheelchair fitting. She needed another alternative.

Luckily, clever 12-year-old Dylan came up with a brilliant idea! He built a makeshift wheelchair out of Lego. The wheelchair was perfect for what Gracie needed. It was inexpensive and easily adjustable to suit the rapidly growing pup.

After a couple of weeks of practice, Gracie got used to using the wheelchair to move around. She started walking, and before long, she was even running around easily. As Gracie grew, bigger wheels were added to keep up with her. And when she was old enough, she was fitted with an ‘adult’ wheelchair. That smile says it all!

(Story source: Pupperish)

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