Dalmatian caught by owners playing piano and singing along

piano Dalmatian
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A cultured Dalmatian has taken up playing the piano – and throwing back his head to sing along.

Metro reports that amusing footage shows the pet dog – who normally stops his musical antics as soon as his owner Esther Mason walks in – caught howling out his favourite tunes in Jersey.

Dexter spends a few minutes each week perfecting his craft and Esther, 43, says the animal is by far the best pianist in the house, after finally capturing him at work last week. She also describes him as a ‘big goofy dog who plays the piano’. But Esther says the talented two-year-old even made the neighbours wonder if her young daughter was learning to play, after hearing his ‘soulful’ songs. Footage shows the self-taught Dalmatian standing on his back legs and hitting the keys with his paws. He then leans his head back and holds long, yappy notes. The video begins from the top of the stairs, while Dexter can be heard refining his latest work on the floor below.

But as the camera gets to the room, the black and white dog pads away from the piano. Later viewers get a proper glimpse of the canine artist at work, as he stands over the instrument and wags his tail in tune with his melodic barks. Esther thinks the dog was particularly passionate because she had left the Cats soundtrack lying on the piano. She explained: ‘He’s been playing the piano for a while, I barely ever get to see it but my neighbours have asked me a few times if my daughter is learning the piano. ‘He tends to stop when he sees me because he’s got a short attention span and he’ll run to us to play.

‘It’s amazing because it really sounds like he’s singing and trying to play the different notes.’ Esther, who is a teacher, continued: ‘You can tell he’s really passionate about it – I don’t know if it’s because there’s the cats soundtrack score there. ‘I think he found it offensive and that’s why he was bellowing the way he was. ‘But he’s really a very soulful singer.’ Esther and husband Rob, 45, said they discovered Dexter’s talents one evening last year when they suddenly heard the piano notes clanking in the middle of the night.

He’s just this big goofy dog who plays the piano – what’s not to love? ‘And maybe he’ll be able to teach us how to play as well.’

(Story source: Metro)

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