Crazy home modifications for devoted pet owners

home modifications
Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

We treat our dogs and cats like family, but even we were amazed at the lengths some people go to make their animals feel comfy and happy. Check out these incredible modifications that some very doting humans have made to their homes just for their four-legged friends!

Dog Nooks

We love our pups, and would do almost anything to keep them happy. As we scoured the internet, we dug up some cosy dog nooks that any pooch would be happy to call home!

Everybody loves hanging out in the kitchen - even your best friend! Why not spend a little more time together in the kitchen. These cosy slumber nooks give your furry pup a safe place to rest while you bustle around in the kitchen. Maybe those warm, pleading eyes will even get a yummy snack!

Staircases are a great place to find a little extra space for your canine counterpart! Whether you carve a nook out for him over or under the stairs, your pup is sure to love having his own private oasis!

Of course, there are times when you friendly buddy has to be secured. Let’s say the mailman has a ton of packages you have to sign for. You’re home going through some light remodelling. There’s another cat in the garden! These owners have come up with the perfect compromise - bright and airy kennels built right into the home!

Feeding Stations

Let’s say you can’t build your pooch an indoor dog house. That’s okay! There are still plenty of ways to make your home more pet-friendly. These doggy dishes fit in flawlessly with the décor! We especially love the option of adding a water faucet for easy refills.

Bathing Stations

It’s no secret that dogs love rolling around in the dirt! Adding a dog washing station in your garage or mudroom is a convenient way to clean off your best friend before he tracks paw prints all over your floor. The beautiful designs of these grooming areas rival some human bathrooms that we’ve seen!

Outdoor Doggy Spaces

Finally, check out these outdoor spaces customized just for these lucky dogs! Whether your dog likes to splash around in water or check out passers-by, there are tons of ways to tailor your yard to his needs.

Indoor Kitty Spaces

It’s a dog’s life here in the office! But we’ve got a special soft spot for all of our adventurous felines! It’s no secret that cats love to climb, explore, jump and roam, and these wildly creative homes were definitely created with a cat’s natural instincts in mind! Any kitty would be happy to romp through these indoor jungles full of holes, bridges, stairways, ramps and larger-than-life scratching posts!

Many of the homes were even designed with scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean materials - talk about well thought-out renovations! Have you ever had a hard time deciding where to put the dreaded litter box? If so, here’s some inspiration for you! These next owners came up with clever solutions for integrating their cats’ boxes right into the design of their homes!


If you’re going to deck out the inside of your house for your cats, then you might as well give them a sweet outdoor space to play in, too! We’re pretty sure that even the most pampered of indoor kitties would still appreciate a bit of fresh air every day. Luckily, this next set of fur parents has got them covered! With screened-in “catios,” these kitties are able to enjoy the simple pleasure of basking in the warm sunshine while a gentle breeze blows through their fur. If they’re feeling more adventurous, there’s plenty of foliage to play on, tunnels to climb through, and birds to meow a hello to.

So whether you love running through the beach with your faithful dog or you prefer a quiet night in with your fluffy cat, you can make sure that being at home is as cosy for your pet as it is for you!

(Article source: Web Room)

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