Britain's loneliest dog 'Bud' finally found his forever home thanks to TV appeal

loneliest dog
Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

They say every dog has its day. And for Bud the greyhound - who was once dubbed Britain’s loneliest dog - that day has finally come.

The Express reports that after almost three years without a home, Bud has found a new family who are showering him with the love and affection he deserves.

The happiest possible ending to Bud’s heart-rending story will be one of the highlights of Paul O’Grady’s Christmas special For The Love Of Dogs because it’s thanks to Paul that Bud finally found a home and avoided three Christmases of being unwanted.

Bud, a seven-year-old greyhound-collie cross, was handed in to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in November 2013 when his owners’ circumstances changed and they found they were no longer able to look after him. He was cared for at Battersea’s branch in Old Windsor, Berkshire, and his picture and details were featured in the charity’s loveable gallery of pets in need of a home. But despite his perky ears and soulful brown eyes, no one fell in love with Bud enough to give him what Battersea call a “forever home”.

While Bud lay moping in his basket, 5,500 other Battersea dogs moved on to pastures new. Not Bud. Staff at the branch even threw him a party to cheer him up as he hit the 1,000-day mark without a home.

On average, a dog spends 36 days at Battersea - but Bud spent almost two years in kennels before being fostered temporarily by two of Battersea’s volunteers to give him some stability while the search went on for a permanent home.

Then dog-lover Paul featured Bud’s plight on his popular ITV show. He went to Old Windsor and was filmed with Bud to prove what a gentle temperament the dog has.

Says Paul: “I fell in love with Bud while I was with him. He’s such an affectionate and lovely natured dog and I couldn’t believe he was still looking for a home after all that time. I was really hoping his luck was about to change and someone watching the show would fall in love with him and give him the home he deserves. Bud had already spent two Christmases at Battersea and I couldn’t bear to think of him in a third festive season looking for a family.”

Bud’s and Paul’s dream came true. Ian Corns and his family were watching the show in their West Midlands home and spotted him. “When I saw Bud I couldn’t stop looking at him,” said Ian. “His character shone through and he reminded me so much of our old collie-cross Rune. We called Battersea Old Windsor and they arranged for us to come and meet him. Now we’ve got Bud we can’t believe he has been looking for a home for so long. He fits in so well already. He loves being involved in whatever the family is doing and we’ve all fallen in love with him.”

Paul added: “I can’t think of a better way to end the series than with knowing Bud has found a family. I’m over-the-moon to hear he’ll be surrounded by love this festive season. Bud is such an amazing dog and he deserves to have a happy ending to his story.”

Sean Welland, Old Windsor’s rehoming and welfare manager, said: “Bud was the longest-stay dog in Battersea’s history and we were at a loss to explain why, when he’s got such a brilliant personality. Bud loves cuddles and likes to be tucked in at night under a fleece blanket before he goes to sleep. He’s great with people and other dogs, but he’s not a fan of cats.”

Battersea Old Windsor centre manager Kaye Mughal said: “Since Bud arrived at Battersea the charity has rehomed more than 5,500 dogs - yet Bud was constantly being overlooked. He’s such a wonderful dog with a great personality. But as soon as Bud appeared in Paul’s show the phone started ringing off the hook. When we spoke to Ian and his family everything seemed to click into place - they’re a great match for him.”

(Story source: The Express - October 2016)

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