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play-timePlay time is as important for us as it is our pets - so pull up a chair and have a little fun with our word games. If you get stuck, then email us to let us know and we will send you the answers!

Dog Breed Word Search 

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Dog Breed Criss-Cross

Dog Criss CrossAcross
6. Beautiful Siberian pure-bred
8. A sturdy little mountain dog
9. Not a designer Poodle I am a water retriever
10. I Date back to the Roman Empire and am considered one of the oldest herding breeds.
11. Despite my short legs I was bred for hunting the badger and fox

1. Famous as a quiet brand of shoes
2. I am a large Japanese hunting dog
3. I am the world's smallest dog
4. One of the fastest and most ancient breeds
5. German 19th Century hunting dog
7. Famous for my spots