The sheep that thinks it’s a ‘sheepdog!’

Marley the orphan lamb is taking lessons in sheep behaviour because he thinks he’s a dog just like his pal Jess the Labrador.

The Sun reports that six-month-old Marley loves going for walks, can raise his hoof like it’s a paw and even shares his bones with Jess.

Orphan lamb Marley is having lessons on how to be a sheep because he thinks he is a dog. His owners spotted an ad for him and took him into their farmhouse where he became pals with their labrador Jess.

Six-month-old Marley shares his bones, goes out for family walks and can even raise a hoof like Jess offers a paw. But he is not fond of grass and, despite being a shaggy Swiss breed, does not like the cold either.

Mum-of-two Ali Vaughan, 34, said she and husband Adam, 37, had showed their kids how to feed Marley with a bottle. But he developed a joint problem and had trouble getting about, so was given his own dog bed in front of their Aga oven.

Ali, of Rickerby, Carlisle, Cumbria, said: “Jess immediately took to him and would lay at his side at night. It soon became clear that Marley was picking up traits from Jess.”

Now Marley has recovered – but does not want to go outside.

Ali added: “Whenever we try he puts up a fight. And he’s so much bigger now, it’s not an easy feat. When we do finally get him outside we have to be careful. If he notices a door open, he will make a mad dash to get back in. We now have a sheep companion for him and a nice, cosy barn.”

(Story source: The Sun)

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