The Doodle Poodle

Pet dog ‘Jimmy Choo’ is turned into cheeky works of art using its owner’s clever sketches.

The Doodle Poodle, Dog Art

A dog-loving Brazilian man has created a series of clever artworks in which his adorable English Bull Terrier ‘Jimmy Choo’ stars in a variety of quirky poses.

Rafael Mantesso, who lives in the municipality of Carangola, spends much of his spare time taking photographs of the five-year-old dog, who he positions alongside cartoons he has drawn. The result is dozens of hilarious images in which Jimmy Choo appears to be taking part in all manner of unusual activities – ranging from police line-ups to fashion parades and karaoke competitions.

Mr Mantesso, 31, said was first inspired to take the quirky pictures when he found himself living alone in a flat without any furniture after going through a divorce. Speaking about how he took up his unusual hobby, Mr Mantesso said: ‘After my divorce all I had was Jimmy, and blank empty walls. I realised they made a great white canvas background for light-hearted pictures with Jimmy as the star.’

The Doodle Poodle, Dog ArtThe images he has taken include Jimmy Choo posed as an angel, counting sheep while sleeping and standing in a mock police mug shot – all of which are completed with Mr Mantesso’s cartoon editing.

Having taken the photographs, the co-founder of a gastronomy institute then posts them on the image-sharing social media site Instagram.

Mr Mantesso says Jimmy Choo is more than happy to strike all many of unusual poses as he simply enjoys being the centre of his owner’s attention.

Describing his creative process, Mr Mantesso said:

‘I like to take pictures of Jimmy interacting with things from every day life and as I love to draw I like to put different illustrations in the shots.’ ‘Taking pictures and creating art with Jimmy is my hobby, but it’s so great that I have to time to play with Jimmy, who is my best friend,’

One of Mr Mantesso’s main motivations for taking the photographs is to prove to people that, contrary to their reputation, the bull terrier is a ‘lovely and inspirational’ breed of dog.

He says his unique artworks have already gathered a firm following of Instagram and he has even started receiving requests for various scenarios that he and Jimmy Choo may want to consider.

‘I have had a great response to my work- people ultimately love Jimmy and love dogs,’

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The Doodle Poodle, Dog Art

(Article source: The Daily Mail)

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