CES 2022: Lavviebox smart litter tray helps you keep an eye on your cat’s weight to spot signs of illness

The Lavviebox has a sensor that monitors whether your pet is losing pounds – and the separate LavvieTag acts as a feline fitness tracker.

smart litter tray

If you’ve ever wished you knew more about your cat’s bathroom habits, PurrSong’s smart litter tray could just be the answer to your prayers.

The Lavviebox is equipped with a sensor that detects a cat’s weight, bowel movement frequency, duration and pattern to help anxious owners spot any potential indication of illness in a paired smartphone app called AI.Doolittle.

Weight loss is a common sign of illness in cats and can be particularly difficult to spot in longer-haired breeds over a prolonged period of time, according to animal charity the PDSA.

The litter tray is equipped with an inbuilt dust and air filter to prevent irritating cat’s eyes, while a secondary silent air filter works to eradicate odours within the box.

Its modular design means it can be adapted to a cat’s preference, allowing them entry through an open roof or through a swinging door, and two USB-ports allow the attachment of lights, webcams or other peripheral devices.

Households with more than one feline friend can equip one of them with a separately-sold LavvieTag fitness tracker to distinguish between them. The AI.Doolittle app collates a cat’s data over time to alert users to signs of abnormal health, such as an increase in the frequency of bowel movement or weight loss.

PurrSong showcased the Lavviebox and LavvieTag at CES, the world’s largest tech showcase in Las Vegas, and will go on sale in the spring and March priced at $249 and $99 respectively, according to tech site CNET.

It also demonstrated LavvieWater, a smart drinking water dispenser designed to encourage cats to drink more and to track their daily intake.

As with the Lavviebox, a LavvieTag can distinguish which cat is drinking from the fountain at any given time in a multi-cat household. Pet tech is a popular theme among CES exhibitors. French company Invoxia demonstrated a biometric collar that measures dogs’ vital signs and activities in the same way smartwatches and fitness trackers do for humans.

The collar uses radar sensors and deep learning AI to read a dog’s continuous resting heart and respiratory rate even through thick fur – which the company claims is a world first.

(Story source: Inews)

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