Noel Edmonds is creating a radio station for pets

‘Positively Pets’ claims to be ‘the world’s first radio station exclusively for our animal chums’

The Independent reports that ‘We love our pets. We want to share our world with our pets’.

Does that extend itself to sharing with them the simple joy of a lazy Sunday afternoon sitting by the wireless? Noel Edmonds seems to think so; the TV presenter taking to Twitter to launch a new station titled ‘Positively Pets’, which claims to be “the world’s first radio station exclusively for our animal chums”.

The internet radio station will join an entire series of similar channels as part of Positivity Radio World, which aims to create the world’s first collection of positivity-focused internet radio stations, focused on news-free and commercial-free content moulded by its listeners. Though presumably ‘Positively Pets’ will be getting minimal feedback from its audience. This follows the launch of the ‘Phone a Pet’ service, in which Edmonds has set out to offer “positive words of appreciation and motivation” to those pets who may be feeling a little down in the dumps of late.

His new career path comes off the back of news Deal or No Deal will be ending after 11 years on UK television screens, having amassed nearly 3,000 episodes. Edmonds has, however, announced he will remain with Channel 4; announcing plans for a new daytime series, as well as two new pilots. The presenter has also faced recent controversy, defending a tweet in which he suggested a cancer patient’s illness could have been caused by a negative attitude.

(Story source: The Independent – September 2016)


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