These were the most popular pet names in 2017

We’ve already covered the top names humans handed out to cats and dogs last year.

But guys, cats and dogs are not the only pets, and we cannot bear leaving out the other animals who bring us so much joy.

Thankfully Pets at Home has sorted us right out by finding out the most popular pet names from 2017, surveying all the new additions to their VIP club.

Instead of just focusing on cats and dogs (those are mentioned though, don’t worry), they tracked birds, horses, reptiles, and even fish. Because all pets matter.

Take a browse of the top names below, and give yourself a pat on the back if your pet’s name doesn’t make an appearance. You’re clearly very creative.

Top five names for dogs in 2017:

Poppy • Alfie • Lola • Charlie • Max

Top five names for cats in 2017:

Bella • Poppy • Luna • Charlie • Oscar

Top five names for birds in 2017:

Charlie • Blue • Joey • Billy • Rio

Top five names for fish in 2017:

Bob • Nemo • Bubbles • Fred • Dory

Top five names for horses in 2017:

Jack • Charlie • Rosie • George • Molly

(Story source: Metro)


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