Give a dog a bone? What are the most popular dog treats in the UK 2021 – and why?

Virtually every dog owner gives their dog treats of some form at some point, whether that be commercially bought dog treats, homemade ones, or table scraps, and the majority of dogs get treats in some quantity every single day.

Dog Treats

While it isn’t good for dogs to be fed too many treats and the treats that you do give to your dog should be measured out and accounted for in their daily food intake, feeding treats is not bad for dogs per se, and serves a number of purposes.

Training treats or treats given as rewards for good behaviour, to occupy a dog while they’re left alone, to get the dog’s attention, or simply to feed to reinforce the bond between you all have their place!

What type of treats dogs like can be really variable too, and many dogs have an absolute favourite they go wild for, even if they would ultimately eat more or less anything that was on offer.

Of course, whether or not a dog gets a taste for a certain type of treat in the first place depends to an extent on what their owners choose for them and offer to them; and knowing what type of dog treats to buy can be complicated.

Whether you simply pick up what’s cheapest or what you know your dog likes or if you spent hours researching the best type of treats for your dog, knowing what other dog owners pick can be quite enlightening.

Based on the best-selling dog treats overall as shared by huge national online retailers like Amazon that showcase a huge number of brands and that theoretically any seller or brand can use to get their products out there, this article will share with you the top five most popular dog treats in the UK as of January 2021; and some theories on our part as to why people buy them. Read on to learn more.

Wagg “BBQ Bangers” Dog Treats

What are Wagg BBQ Bangers” Dog Treats?
“Wagg” is a brand name, and their BBQ Bangers are semi-moist dog treats each a similar size (and shape) to Wotsits crisps, and which come in a range of flavours.

What type of dogs are they suitable for?
BBQ Bangers are suitable for dogs of all breeds from the age of eight weeks onwards.

How should they be fed/what are they used for?
BBQ Bangers are designed to appeal to all dogs including fussy eaters, and they’re advertised as being suitable for use as training treats; although they’re slightly larger than the type of training treats you’d feed very freely, and so might be better suited to being used as a higher-level reward. They are pliable enough to break in half though to portion out in smaller amounts.

Why are they popular?
The claim that they appeal to potentially fussy dogs, and their ability to be used as training treats are likely to be part of their general appeal, as are the wide range of flavours.

Pets Purest 100% Pure Beef Air Dried Treats for Dogs

What are Pets Purest 100% Pure Beef Air Dried Treats for Dogs?
“Pets Purest” is the brand, and their Pure Beef Air Dried Treats are made of 100% air-dried beef, and nothing else; no colours, preservatives, or literally anything but beef. They’re reasonably chewy but not particularly tough or hard.

What type of dogs are they suitable for?
Pets Purest 100% Pure Beef Air Dried Treats for Dogs are suitable for adult dogs, usually taken to mean dogs of one year of age or older.

How should they be fed/what are they used for?
These treats are too chewy to make for good training treats, and they’re more of a general-purpose treat, to divert, occupy, or reward your dog; and the product information for them says that they can also help to some extent to clean the surfaces of your dog’s teeth, although this is no substitute for brushing your dog’s teeth.

Why are they popular?
The fact that these treats are natural and made from just beef means they’re popular with many types of dog owners, including those that want to feed their dogs a more natural diet, those that own dogs with food allergies, and those whose dogs can be picky, among many others.

Pedigree Schmackos

What are Pedigree Schmackos?
This is the second entry for a “Pedigree” product in the list, these being their “Schmackos,” which is one of the most well-known and enduring dog treats of all, and one that most dog owners know well. Schmackos come in strip form, and they’re fairly moist and not too tough to chew, being moderate for their size in the calorie stakes at 30 calories each.

What type of dogs are they suitable for?
Schmackos are suitable for adult dogs of all types.

How should they be fed/what are they used for?
Schmackos are too large when whole to make for good training treats, but they’re not tough and so can be used as training treats if torn into smaller chunks; or as a high-value reward. They don’t take ages to chew and are a versatile size, so can be given as a general treat, although they won’t really keep dogs occupied for long enough to use as a diversion when leaving your dog alone.

Why are they popular?
Schmackos are relatively low calorie for their size, and most dogs can be tempted by them; they’re also fairly soft and so suitable for even older dogs and those whose teeth aren’t in great condition.

Pedigree Dentastix Daily Dental Care Chews

What are Pedigree Dentastix?
Pedigree is the brand behind three of the entries on the most popular dog treats list, including coming in at the number one spot with their Dentastix. While a huge number of brands now make dental sticks for dogs that emulate Pedigree’s branded version, this is the original brand-named dental stick for dogs, and still the best known; and best-selling. Dentastix are hard chews in a stick shape, with grooves along their length.

What type of dogs are they suitable for?
Dentastix are suitable for adult dogs (over one year of age) and they come in different size options to suit dogs of different sizes. It should be noted that dogs with weak teeth, sore gums, or many missing teeth might struggle with Dentastix, due to the hardness of the treats.

How should they be fed/what are they used for?
Dentastix Daily Dental Care Chews for Dogs are advertised as being designed to prevent and reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar on dog’s teeth, and to help counteract bad breath. However, they are not a substitute for proper dental care, and should be seen as a supplement to help with good dental hygiene rather than to be given instead of brushing your dog’s teeth and getting them regular dental check-ups at the vet.

Why are they popular?
Dentastix are possibly seen by many buyers as a “good” or “healthier” dog treat, due to their perceived dental benefits. When used in combination with proper dental care, this is true; however, there is the possibility than some buyers think Dentastix can replace teeth cleaning and even reverse existing dental problems, which is not their intended use and not the case.

(Article source: Pets 4 Homes)

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